We have fantastic news to share with you from Hacienda Zuleta, and need your help during this momentous occasion!
Over 20 years ago, our foundation started working towards conservation of the Andean Condor, a species which has become critically endangered in Ecuador.  Our long term dream was to produce Andean Condor chicks in captivity and release them into the wild. 

During this time, we formed 3 viable mating pairs from previously injured Condors that were brought to our Hacienda for care.  These three pairs have produced 4 condor chicks over the years, unfortunately all of the chicks died during infancy and were never able to be released.

But we have fantastic news to share with you!  Last July, a fifth chick was hatched, and he has thrived!  The biologists working for us firmly believe he has passed the risky development stage and are now working on enrichment programs for his preparation for release into the wild!  We named this chick “Churi”, which means son.  Churi therefore is the “Son of Zuleta” and we plan to release him into the wild along with two other Condors brought from the Quito Zoo sometime in May of this year.  It will be the realization of a 20 year long dream.

But we need your help and invite you to be a part of this momentous occasion.  We need to purchase a GPS tag and monitoring equipment in order to follow Churi over the next two years, it is a costly, but necessary endeavor.  This technology will let us know exactly where Churi is, should he have any issues during the adaptation period and will aid our biologists in their habitat research and educational programs over the long term.

We are raising these funds through “Green Our Planet” – which can best be described as a crowdfunding platform similar to kickstarter, but focuses on environmental and conservation projects.  In addition, as a non-profit organization, it is a free platform so all money raised goes directly towards our project, whether we reach our fundraising goal or not.  *Please note you can choose to donate to their operating costs or not, it is not required. 

Please visit our project page at Green Our Planet by clicking on the "Donate Now" button below to read more details about the project, what costs are involved and consider donating.  We would love to have your support in this fundraising effort and welcome you to use this joint effort in your company’s communications.  

Sending you nothing but good energy from the Ecuadorian Andes!

Fernando Polanco Plaza
General Manager


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