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Leadership Network
23 June–6 July

‘But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope that you have.’

1 Peter 3:15

The UCCF Leadership Network continued to grow during the spring term.

Students studying art, science, politics, music, theology and law were equipped and mentored through these networks and encouraged as they continue to live and speak for Jesus.

Let’s pray for these networks as they continue to resource students during the summer term.


SUN 23
Give thanks for the work of the Science Network during the spring term. Hundreds of students across the country (and even in Europe!) watched Southampton CU’s debate on ‘Can Science explain everything?’ live or on social media. Pray for the local Science Network hubs as they plan similar outreach events for next year.

MON 24
Let’s pray that the Theology Network hubs would be reassured of the truth and reliability of Scripture this term, as they face differing strains of thought in their lectures. Pray that God’s Word would be an encouragement in their faith.

TUE 25
Give thanks for the student who was encouraged by the Law Network last term. She went from considering not applying to law firms (after realising she was driven by status and stability) to saying, 'I've finally found the right motivation... Christians are needed in the legal field.' Pray the Lord will continue to work in her heart.

WED 26
Praise the Lord for the Politics Network lunchbar in Glasgow University on ‘A gentler, kinder politics – do we get the politics we deserve?’ Pray that the many students who came and grappled with the topic will be convicted of their need for Christ.

THU 27
Give thanks for the new Music Network hub that started in York last term. Let’s pray they will be able to meet regularly and that their leaders will become increasingly passionate about seeing students connect their music studies with the gospel.
FRI 28
The Arts Network were hugely encouraged by the tour of a local exhibition they hosted in the welsh-speaking Wrexham University, including a talk on ‘Why and how Christians should engage with popular culture.’ Give thanks that seven students came, and that it led to gospel conversations.

SAT 29
As local Science Network book groups across the country meet regularly this summer, let’s pray that they will grow increasingly confident in their faith and in their understanding of how it relates to their studies.

SUN 30
Pray that Theology Network hubs across the country will be strengthened by keen first-year students as they begin the next academic year in September.

‘Pray that existing members will meet with them to discuss the doubts that theology freshers can experience in their first month of lectures.’ – Ash Cunningham, Theology Network Co-ordinator

Pray for the Law Network gathering in London on 11 July as they discuss: ‘Conscience: Does the Law require Christians to compromise?’ Pray those who come will have open hearts to God’s Word and that He will convict them of how they can serve Him in their legal profession.

Pray for the Politics Network hubs in Birmingham, Glasgow, Keele, Warwick, Edinburgh, London and Oxford as they approach the new academic year. Pray that these hubs will see the unique opportunity they have to introduce a politically minded demographic of students to the gospel.

‘Praise God for some enthusiastic Christian musicians who are not only really talented and admired but also keen to share their faith through music. Pray for a clear vision for how we can best show students who Jesus is.’ – Murray, leader of the Music Network hub in Cambridge.

Give thanks that the Arts Network now have five new Associate Staff to help their work. Pray that Youngeun Shin (ceramics), Luned Evans (set design), Becca Davies (fine arts), Browen James (illustration) and Mikey Do Hyun Baek (fine arts) will be able to support and strengthen the witness of art students across the country.

Pray for Leadership Network Co-ordinator Connie Keep as she shapes and develops the strategic ministry of all the networks this term. Let’s pray that she will be strengthened in the Lord, and have wisdom, patience and understanding as she continues this gospel work.

Give thanks for the tireless work of Network Co-ordinators Tom (Music), Peter (Politics), Lois (Art), Nay (Science), Ash (Theology) and Fiona (Law) this year. Pray f­­­­or them as they support their networks in the summer term and particularly for the Science and Politics Networks as they change leadership.
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