2011 is kicking off to a good start with new offices and staff in the states, as well as Africa and Haiti.
2011 is off and running. It’s hard to imagine that it’s mid-February as I write this. H.E.L.P. is rapidly growing and expanding as you will see in this newsletter. Which means we will be able to rescue more orphans, restore their hope and renew more communities!

Of course, when I say “we”, I mean you! The H.E.L.P. community. Together “we” are making a difference in the world. It’s always humbling when someone connects with our vision, and sacrifices their time and resources to make a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable kids.

So from me to you - let me just say this --Thank you!

In-Country Staff - Africa

Help End Local Poverty is excited to announce that Steven Nicholson is now a part of the global HELP team as the new Managing Director for African Operations!

Steven and his wife Amy come to us from ServLife International, where they have served for the past five and a half years in Cape Town, South Africa. The Nicholsons have an established network of African churches whom they serve, helping to rescue orphaned children, train pastors, and create sustainable jobs in poor neighborhoods in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, and Sudan. HELP will be taking over the leadership and responsibility for these ongoing projects, and we look forward to Steven and Amy leading us to new partnership opportunities in Africa.
Steven and Amy have two adopted South African children; Vusumzi is two and a half years old, and Micah is 17 months old. Before moving to South Africa, Steven was a church planter and pastor in North Carolina, and Amy taught elementary special education in inner city schools for seven years in America.

You can follow their journey at or on Twitter as @sojournstory.
In-Country Staff - Haiti

I (Chris) arrived in Haiti for the second time in Sept 2010. One of our translators was a young man named Jay Louis. Jay is a 24-year-old Haitian, who lost his mother a few years ago to sickness.

Jay was in Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit last January. After the quake hit, he began to search for his girlfriend and eventually located her at her school. She was buried in rubble from the quake - injured and trapped. When Jay realized he could not pull her out of the rubble, he asked her what he could do. Her response was simply, “I don’t want to die hungry.” So Jay began to frantically search for food. Eventually, he found something for her to eat, and he fed her until she passed away.

After spending a few days with Jay, I saw his passion for Jesus, his work ethic and his leadership capabilities. So this January, we (H.E.L.P.) hired Jay to come on staff and help run our Haiti operations. We’re so excited!

Since the earthquake, Jay has lived in a tent with his father. We want to build him a home. It will take $6000 to build the home, and our goal is to raise this money by March 1. Let’s move Jay and his dad out of a tent and into a home! I (Chris) will give up my birthday this March for Jay Louis. You can make a donation through the project page, host a Garage Sale Party, or give up your birthday for Jay’s new home.

Donate Your Birthday
to Help Care for Orphans!

Every year we celebrate holidays and birthdays with friends and family. How would you like to use these moments to help care for orphans around the world? Well, you can!!

Click here to create a Birthday Wish through Facebook, and in lieu of gifts, ask your friends to donate towards our projects in Haiti and Zimbabwe. You can set the goal for how much you’d like to raise. This is such a great way to get others involved in a cause you care about!

We’ve had several people donate their birthdays or holidays to H.E.L.P., and thousands of dollars have been raised! One person raised $1200, and another raised close to $3000!!

If you haven’t joined our Facebook Causes Page yet, you will be able to search for “Help End Local Poverty” while making your Birthday Wish.

New Office in NWA
2011 is already proving to be a year of expansion for H.E.L.P. We are very excited to announce that we are opening up a second U.S. office in NW Arkansas. We will still have an office in Austin. The H.E.L.P. staff looks forward to new partnerships and opportunities that will unfold this year, both here in the states and abroad!

If you are interested in volunteering, working, or partnering with H.E.L.P. in NW Arkansas, please email us at:



H.E.L.P. is excited to participate in The Idea Camp on February 25-26. The Idea Camp is a collaborative movement of idea-makers who facilitate hybrid conferences and develop resources for people who desire to move ideas towards implementation. This Idea Camp will be in NW Arkansas and will focus on Orphan Care and the Church. It will facilitate fresh, honest and transformative conversations with leading thinkers and practitioners on topics including US & International care, community development, trafficking of orphans, adoption, foster care, child sponsorship, HIV/AIDS, special needs, cross-cultural & religious dynamics to care, and many more. Our desire is to live life as God’s loving expressions of grace and hope to our world through tangible acts of care for orphans.

We would love for you to join us! Register online at:

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