DAP Newsletter 2014 Issue 3
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We have some great things happening here at Diversity in Aquatics as we are gearing up for our 2nd Annual Diversity in Aquatics Convention.  If you have not yet, check us out on our homepage and do not forget to follow us on Twitter and our Facebook pages for the latest information and updates. We hope to see you at convention! 


2nd Annual Diversity in Aquatics Convention - When: August 15th to 17th - Location: Lake Worth, FL - more info at:
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Tech News!
Check out the American Red Cross' new swimming safety app! You can track a swimmers' progress online and also learn some water safety tips too!
Happy 224th Birthday to the United States Coast Guard!

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Convention is Here!
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizen can change the world.” - Margaret Mead
We invite you to join us at the 2nd Annual Diversity in Aquatics Program Convention held in Lake Worth, FL.  The purpose of the 2014 DAP Convention will be to educate and empower aquatic leaders from diverse backgrounds to build a base network and to facilitate a positive and productive dialogue. 
Featured Speakers at this Year's Convention
Lee Pitts - Host and Executive Producer of Lee Pitts Live and a NAACP Image Award Recipient
Jane Katz - CUNY Professor and 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Dr. Angela Beale - Educational Program Developer and End Needless Drowning Founder
Ken Roland - City of Ft. Lauderdale Recreation and Aquatic Coordinator and 2012 G. Harold Martin Award Recipient
Thaddeus Gamory - Owner of SwimTriPros and certified Triathlon Coach and Masters Swimming Coach 
Charles Lumpkin - Special Projects Consultant in Solar, Underwater, Nonviolence Ed. 
Manny Banks - USA Swimming Diversity Membership Specialist 
Gerrard Smith - Scuba council chair and WolfpackScubaClub
Richard Butler - Rowing Council Chair and US Rowing Inclusion Manager

Check out more information on the Diversity in Aquatics Website
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Also check out an awesome video describing the amazing things that happened at last year's convention!
Watch IWSD 2014 Video Now on Youtube!

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DAP Featured Member: 
Ken Roland 
"A man is not fully educated until he can read, write and swim." - Plato 
Organization: City of Ft. Lauderdale Recreation and Aquatic Coordinator in charge of training, CIP projects, and inservice, Adjunct Professor at Ball State University, and Swim Central Program founder in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

What are your aquatic interests? Pool operations, aquatic training, and drowning prevention

Please describe your Aquatics Background? When did you start? Why do you love aquatic activities? 
            My Uncle was a supervisor of a pool and threw me in at two and learned from there. I was always around pools, swimming on swim teams, and teaching.
        After having my near death experience, November 1980, where I went into ventricular fibrillation and I died for two minutes on the operating table, they defibrillated me and brought me back and I had to learn how to walk, talk, and do everything all over. I had retro-grade amnesia. I don't remember anything, but I kept a journal from when I was eight and so I had to re-learn who I was. That's where I got my mission to teach people life-saving skills.  I remembered life has purpose, and my purpose is to teach people life saving skills.  
            Because I was saved by CPR, I became a CPR instructor and then a CPR instructor-trainer, and then a Lifeguard instructor-trainer, and then a WSI instructor-trainer, where I have up to 13 different instructor-trainer certifications.
            What I really loved was my experience on the beach patrol as Lifeguard Lieutenant for Pompano Beach.
            I really love using all my talents for the drowning prevention aquatic effort. I'm a musician and so I use my musical talents to teach water safety in 8 water-safety songs. I also created a character that people can identify with and use mnemonic MARS (Motivation, Association, Repetition and Senses) in order to get those to learn the gospel of water safety.

Additional involvement in aquatics 
          I'm President of The Swim Foundation 501C3 for Swim Central drowning prevention in Broward County, Vice-President of Every Child A Swimmer.  
          I also worked with Errol Duplessis on the Junior Lifeguard program for the American Red Cross where we helped write the book, The Guard Start and come up with the FIND model (Figure out the problem, Identify the possible solutions, Name the pros and cons, and Decide which solution is best, then act on it), which is in all the lifeguard books now.  
            In 2012 I received the G. Harold Martin Award from the International Swimming Hall of Fame ["for long and exceptional leadership, insight and dedication to the water safety of children and the cause of making Every Child A Swimmer."]

What are some other things you would like the members to know about you or your program(s)? 
         Since 1999, the Swim Central program has taught over 300,000 children water safety lessons and not one of those children has become a drowning statistic.       
        I want everyone to learn that for thousands of years, we were the greatest swimmers on the planet and then came along slavery and that kicked that legacy away. So I feel that part of my mission in aquatics is to spread untold gospel of water safety and history of the African experience in aquatics. I want people to re-learn and re-claim their history and legacy.


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