31 New Flavors

31 Flavors for Personal Growth

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Ever notice the slogan of Baskin Robbins? - a promise of 31 flavors.

I read a story about a young lady on her 31st birthday. She was not having a very happy birthday until she noticed a Baskin Robbins sign and changed her attitude completely. Inspired by the Baskin Robbins slogan, she decided it was time to sample all the flavors life had to offer. She made a decision:

"I will try 31 new things before I turn 32. This year I will stretch my boundaries and truly grow."

For me I'm surely not 31, but this inspired me to set a goal of 71 things i will taste before my 72 birthday in October. Big goals are so much fun. As we get older, it is rather easy to get stuck in a comfort zone that is neither exciting or much fun. This past year, I attempted several brand new things that made life ever so exciting: I'll mention ten:
  1. Faced my fears and joined Crossfit
  2. John and I enrolled in Argentine Tango lessons
  3. We courageously followed our heart and joined a new chuch
  4. Took a 30 day Paleo Eating Health and Wellness Challenge
  5. Developed several Paleo recipes we love
  6. Hired a social media person to help me with Fabufit
  7. John and I took our very first Private dance lessons
  8. Changed to a new hairdresser
  9. Invited our son and family (by their request) to dinner each week
  10. Began to learn social media and how to do a blog
No, this isn't 70, but last year I wasn't thinking about it that much, and surely wasn't counting. Now I have a new goal and it inspires me just to think about it. As I write this, I will be composing my list very soon.

Might I challenge you to try 31 New Flavors of life this year yourself? If you will, please go to my blog at and post a comment. Here you will also find some field tested delicious recipes for eating for fitness and health: Gluten Free and Paleo aApproved:)

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Wishing you a life long and strong,
"The Christian Longevity Expert"

Certified Nutrition Consultant

I really look forward to getting to know you and being able to share with you the dream God has put into my heart of helping you go to the next level of your fitness and health while incorporating the principles of God's Word to make each of you a Faith Champion.

Fabufit is a simple fitness system based on Godly principles encompassing the whole circle of health: Spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions) and body. I invite you to visit my website at and my blog at

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