Tickets on sale now for the New York theatrical release of "Butter on the Latch" here and "Thou Wast Mild and Lovely" here.  
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In my physical theater course, we are learning to make primal yalps and access parts of our own voice that we have never experienced before.  It turns out I have never made this sound:


Tickets are on sale now for Thou Wast Mild and Lovely and Butter on the Latch at IFP Media Center (NY Theatrical Release!) at 30 John Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn!! (M&L tix here, Butter tix here)


The films "offer exquisite, disturbing portraits of female sexuality and the fragility of sanity" according to this article and are "wild and creepy" according to this article.


But I would prefer if you came and screamed into them yourself.
Thank you for inspiring me to race towards dreamland before I grew legs.  

Would love to hold your hand Friday November 14th night at our opening party (Dish Dumbo, 10:30 pm). Or see you at any of the rest of the enormous line-up of creative, audience interactive events that weekend. 

NY Theatrical Release Week Event:
Tea Party with Mum and Pop
You are all invited next Sunday November 16th to a tea party with my mom and me between the 2 pm Butter on the Latch screening and the 5 pm Mild and Lovely screening. 
There will be a ballerina!  
And a child version of myself (ie -- me... very happy).  
And some haunting songs by Hydra!

We will be festive-ing at 3:30 pm in the IFP Media Center Cafe. Come for a film and stay for a hot cup of the past.

featuring voices of 
Sarah SmallRima Fand, Yula and dances of Jennifer Sydor
NY Theatrical Release Week Event:
Ritual and Collaboration 
hosted by The School of Making Thinking
(a non-panel)
Sharon Mashihi (screenwriter/radio documentarian), Rachel Simone James (sound-based artist) and Sophie Traub (actor) will "chat" with me about how ritual and collaboration inform creative practice.  

This might be more like yalping ---

Audience invited to participate....  

Saturday November 15th, following 6 pm Butter on the Latch screening

Panelists are regular attendees of The School of Making Thinking's summer residency and therefore have very few barriers to the kind of investigation that makes a panel no longer a panel.
Miss you ---- and thank you.  This is a big gift you give, the gift of your attention, so -- I do not take it lightly, and I hope you will share with me your own joys and dreams and exuberances and sorrows ------ and just let me know what you're up to.

Also -- big thanks to Mom and Dad, little sistah, brother MDeck, Teddy Decker, Audrey Evans, Nicola Bullock, Sharif Corinaldi, Will Jefferson, my 10 Lefferts Roomies and David Barker, who have all helped me to cry through the hard parts of being an artist -- and celebrated with me when it was time.  

And HUGE thanks to DP extraordinaire Ashley Connor, brilliant brave souls Robert Longstreet, Joe Swanberg, Sophie Traub, Isolde Chae-Lawrence, Sarah Small, Charlie Hewson, Kristin Slaysman for your risk-taking acting, Sarah O'Brien and Megan Billman for braving the farm wilderness to make Mild and Lovely alive, Jesse McAlpin, Kozak, Martin Hernandez and Mike Frank for building sound worlds with me, to editors Steven Schardt and David Barker for your time and passion and to producers Laura Klein, Laura Heberton, Braden King, Russell Sheaffer, Adam Donaghey, Rachel Wolther and to all our incredible APs and Kickstarter backers and to YOU for making these movies possible.  I don't know how to be a human always --- but you help me fly.
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