Josephine went to Mexico and brought you back a FINISHED FILM -- Mild and Lovely plays at BAM June 23rd with a brand new sound mix.  Come, sweet princes, come.
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Thou Wast Mild and Lovely, which has a rad new website (check it out!), is playing BAM's Cinemafest in TWO AND A HALF WEEKS!  
Get your tickets now because that fest is amazing, and they historically sell out out out.
    ~ starring Joe Swanberg, Robert Longstreet and Sophie Traub ~
    ~ a filmic Appalachian murder ballad ~
    ~ inspired by Kate from East of Eden ~
    ~ and "point[ing] far ahead to a 'new grammar' of narrative" -
The New Yorker
     ~ (can you tell I want you to see this?) ~

Monday June 23rd
9:30 PM
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Brooklyn, NY
Buy tickets and find out more here:
This is where I would normally go on and on about the sound mix we just finished *(thanks, Martín!) in Mexico -- and how grateful I am to get to finally share this finished work with you in its true, realized form - and how, to celebrate, at his sound studio/home outside of Tepoztlán, I held Carlos Reygadas' hand (!!!!) while jumping off a cliff into a pond -- and then I would realize that it was more like a diving board than a cliff, but holy shit, you should really hold your nose when you do that because it's easy to forget when you're not 7 years old any more that jumping from large heights into bodies of water takes a toll on your balance and general lucidity if you don't protect your brain passages -- but --- I'm gonna keep it short for the sake of you and me and our mutual understanding of intimacy, and just say:

You? Your latest adventure in Mexico?  Shall we have one together?

This month has been a wild, horned ride. 

I got to Speaking of the Fatales, Danielle Lurie did an INCREDIBLE article for Filmmaker Magazine about the Fatales -- that featured true film noir regalia!  Check us out in 1930's garb (photo at the bottom of the article)! 
My dad and I are working on a series of poetry films together - starting in Ireland this summer (!).

What is your favorite poem?  

We are going to set a few poems (read-aloud) to images and sounds and see what happens! -- And we'd love to consider working with the the poetry our friends love.

And if you want to be the voice of a poem or know some awesome voiceover actors (in NYC or Ireland or -- really anywhere!), it would be lovely to have you/them involved...
As you all know, I'm trying to get my films to play in outdoor spaces!  And we're realizing this might work best with folks who already do this kind of large-scale event thing.  We're thinking of reaching out to Dia Beacon, Storm King, Stone Barns and other large arts-oriented event centers to facilitate this sort of thing.  Know anyone in these places?


thanks for reading... and for being you.  

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