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2013 is here! In spite of economic uncertainty, one thing is certain ~ businesses will need to gas up and get going. As referenced throughout 2012, business is a journey, now more than ever. Getting from A to B is not a straight shot. As you enter the curves ahead you must shoot for the apex and take advantage of the downforce as you round the corners.
Before you redefine, relaunch or redeploy time, talent, energy and other resources in an effort to grow your business linearly, stop operating as if long-term forecasts or accurate budget projections can deliver never-ending growth. Recognize and embrace the curvilinear reality of current business
Where are you going and why? Who do you want in your pit crew? Left-foot break and consider these five things: 
  • Think beyond a linear mindset. Break-through technology, highly volatile commodity costs and all sorts of other variables are constant. Horizontal planning is no longer viable. Think strategically and adjust with over and under steering.
  • Have a goal that inspires YOU, your people and your customers. We are an interdependent society and the positive impact your company and you make will result in growth.  
  • Focus on improving what you have, not growing what you don’t. 
  • Observe and listen. Prepare for the new era of work, including the virtual and contingent workforces. 
  • Elevate your team to represent your brand and vision. They are your pit crew. They will make the difference. They will deliver.
Strategic plans will be based on likelihoods while uncertainty prevails. What awaits around the next corner is unknown. Pull in for a pit stop and tire change, then get going and embrace the curves up ahead. Be ready!


Looking back on 2012, we are extremely thankful for all it brought us. We thought we would share a few highlights:
  • 260 million impressions secured through media relations outreach and that does not include the results of our newswire release for our annual survey which also saw a significant increase in results over last year
  • Cindy was selected to be included in CRAVE Dallas, a savvy, lifestyle book devoted to the top, local women-owned businesses
  • Our candidate base has grown 57% over last year
  • We worked with 72% more clients
  • We filled corporate and non-profit roles including CFO, sales manager, VP sales, benefits specialist, assistant controller, market research analyst and more
2013 promises to sparkle, we have seen proof already! We are looking to add a recruiting coordinator to our Mom Corps Dallas team as soon as possible. Please share the job description with the extraordinary people you know.
All the best to you in the new year!
Yours in Placement


Placements & Prospects


Sofia A., Bookkeeper

Leslie C., Sales Manager

Helene R., HR Manager

Liz F., Executive Assistant


Global Communications Manager specializing in employee engagement and brand management, BS, Journalism

Controller with REIT, hospitality and construction focus, treasury and public accounting experience, MBA, BBA

Sales and Marketing Associate, expert, event management experience, BBA

Tax Manager, public and private accounting, MBA, BSA, CPA

Happy Client

"Sleep Experts doesn't typically use recruiters, but I was having difficulty filling our position. I reached out to Mom Corps Dallas to see if they could help. They began sending me strong, qualified candidates immediately. It was so easy and painless, I wished I had contacted them earlier. They truly care about finding the right person to fit your needs."

Susan Richter
Director of Marketing
Sleep Experts

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