Grandparents who parent their grandchildren: Challenges and Blessings!

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A huge Thank You to everyone who took our parenting survey. The first 100 will soon receive our thanks in the mail.

In this issue we look at some challenges faced by the growing number of grandparents who find themselves parenting their grandchildren. This increase is due to two factors:

1.  More grandparents taking care of grandchildren during a family crisis.
2. Grandparents today are younger and healthier - and more able to take on this role - than previous generations.

In Grand
parents as Parents, Wilma Lee Kirk shares some challenges and solutions for grandparents. Discover Ten Ways to Say Thank You to grandparents and see what resources are available.

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A Note from the NAD

Dear Readers,
Thank you to everyone who completed our survey on parenting. Your responses helped us create the outline for the development of a brand new parenting resource that will target the parents of children ages 0-7.  

The parenting resource will consist of:
·        10 DVDs,
·     a facilitator’s manual,
·     a participant’s guide,
·     and rich resources on a dedicated Web site.
This first project will be followed up with successive editions, targeting older age children. We also plan to offer this resource in Spanish.
Now we need your help again - What do we call this project? We invite you to submit your suggestions. If your title is chosen, you'll receive a special gift. So - start brainstorming and send in those suggestions! Please keep in mind that the final name chosen must be one that is available - not one that is already copyrighted.
Please pray that God’s hand will direct the development of this important resource.
Claudio and Pam Consuegra
Claudio & Pamela Consuegra
Directors North American Division Family Ministries Department

Featured Columnist

Grandparents as Parents
By Wilma Lee Kirk, MSW, LCSW
In case you haven’t noticed, families look different today than when sociologists stated a typical American family consisted of a mom and dad and 2.5 children! Today, more households consist o
f grandparents who are currently raising children from birth to independence. When did this happen and what does it mean?  Read more.

Featured Resource

Helping Children Deal WIth Their Feelings
By Charles H. Betz

There is a direct connection between how children feel and how they behave. How can we help them to feel right? By accepting their feelings. A denial of a child's feelings can confuse and enrage him/her. It also teaches them not to know their feelings - and not to trust them. Read more.

Additional Feature

Ten Ways to Say Thank You

1.   Run errands or help around the house.
2.   Offer to baby-sit.
3.   Give the family a night out or a meal in.
4.   Tell them how much you appreciate them.
5.   Volunteer your talents and professional services.
6.   Drop by their house with a surprise.
7.   Go with them to important appointments.
8.   Provide transportation for kinship care families.
9.   Invite them to events with their children.
10. Be a sounding board.
Read more.


Where can I find 
  help for
care families?
To order additional resource kits or for more information, contact the Child Welfare and Mental Health Division of CDF by e-mailing childwelfare@
or by calling 202-662-3568.

Click on the link for the Resources kit.

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What Special Challenges do Kinship Care Families Face?
Kinship care families may face a variety of special challenges:
• Physical problems
Many children being raised by grandparents and other relatives have special physical problems, sometimes related to their parents’ alcohol or drug abuse. Low birth weight, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other learning disabilities, and illnesses such as HIV/AIDS are particularly common. Kinship caregivers also may have health problems of their own.
• Emotional issues
Children living in kinship care families also may have severe emotional scars due to a legacy of substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health problems, and abuse or neglect. Their caregivers also may be depressed and have other stress-related conditions related, at least in
part, to their caregiving responsibilities.

• Difficulties obtaining benefits and services

Caregivers may find it difficult to enroll the children they are raising in school, authorize immunizations, get basic health and mental health care, stay in public or senior housing, or get certain government benefits for their children.
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