KUMANTJAI K NAMATJIRA (24.12.1958-3.11.2018)

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Namatjira family, it is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we share the passing of Kumantjai K Namatjira. On Saturday afternoon 3rd November in Alice Springs Hospital, he bid farewell, surrounded by family. 

Kumantjai was gentle and unassuming in manner, with a witty and wry sense of humour. He was a quiet crusader that displayed great humility, pride in his heritage, and an entrepreneurial spirit just like Albert's which was central to the social justice campaign for the copyright to be returned the Namatjira family.

Kumantjai was Forever seeking and finding solace in his art practice and with his grandchildren who he continually taught to paint with devotedness.

He had an incredible capacity to find peace and calm amidst an often complex and challenging life.

He will be so deeply missed by his family - sisters Evelyn and Lewina, wife Janie, children Martha, Nebo and Anthony, his gorgeous grandchildren who will forever look up to him, and his cousins in the broader Namatjira family.

It is a great loss for many and for the country. He is an important figure nationally and deserves to be celebrated for his contributions, the legacy he carried forward and now leaves behind.

The Art Centre will remain open, but we request that both visitors and gallerists remain respectful of our situation. All current projects have been completed, and future projects will progress in due time.

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