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Welcome to the 18th edition AustStab newsletter - eStab.

In October 2013  at AustStab:
  • We accepted one new provisional contracting member, Robinson Civil Constructions
  • We released the Technical Notes on Dams, Spray Seal on Stabilised Basecourse and Lime Stabilised Subgrades;
  • Submitted our final articles for 2013 to the Roads magazine; Advertising closes shortly Members!!
  • We presented training courses in Adelaide and Perth;
  • We began the final preparations for the Emerald course in November; and
  • Continued to work on the association pillars of education, research, promotion and setting standards.
Thank you to George Vorobieff for providing the RMS Environment Direction 21 - Coal Tar Asphalt Handling and Disposal. This is now available on the RMS website.

Stabilising Australia's Future - Set the dates

The 19th Annual AGM for AustStab will be hosted in the Hunter Valley, NSW in the week of 11th August 2014. Hold the dates now!!


Australian Universities Guest Lecture Program (AUGLP)

Following the successful pilot programs delivered by AustStab in 2012 - 2013, we will continue to delivery of the AUGLP in 2013 - 2014 throughout Australia
University courses are selected by the Training and Promotions Working Group on the basis of:

  • An engineering or geotechnical subject being delivered by the University;
  • Students must be in their final two year of study or completing postgraduate studies; and
  • A willingness for the University to develop a working relationship with existing AustStab members.

The format of the guest lecture is a presentation and question and answer session. All students who attend the lectures are invited to register to receive a copy of the eStab newsletter and are provided with the opportunity to order a hard or soft copy of the AustStab Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Guide.

AustStab provides suggestions to students on possible future areas of study to be undertaken. We have supported two post-graduate students to undertake further research in 2012 - 2013.

<<First Name>> - Universities don't need to have an existing relationship with AustStab to eligible for the program.

More information 

Member Profile - Polyroad Industries 

Polyroad Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of Dry Powdered Polymer stabilisers for soils and gravels used in road construction and road rehabilitation.

Polyroad stabilised pavements are designed to preserve the existing dry strength pavement properties and resist the ingress of water which is the major cause of pavement failure. Polyroad stabilisation achieves this outcome by a process of 'internal waterproofing' of fine grained particles by way of incorporating an insoluble dry powdered polymer.

Polyroad has been incorporated into pavements since 1988. Its first use was in Taree Airport runway, New South Wales, by the Federal Airports Corporation. Polyroad stabilised projects have occurred on State and National Highways in many parts of Australia in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, local roads in numerous Councils in New South Wales and Victoria, and parts of Asia. In 2013 Polyroad proudly commenced exporting to Europe.

Polyroad stabilisation has been found to significantly reduce the need for any form of future maintenance and offers a highly competitive whole-of-life-cycle cost scenario for all road owners.

More Information

Changes to the Articles of Association


At the AGM 2013, changes were recommended by the Council to the Articles of Association. Membership categories have been redefined to reflect the current market conditions. Reference to the number of states within which a contacting member works have been removed. The category for affiliate company memberships have been removed. The revised contracting membership categories are:

Category A – Full Contracting Membership of AustStab means the contracting member responsible for operating nine or more approved stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimer/stabilisers. 
Category B – Full Contracting Membership of AustStab means the contracting member responsible for operating four to eight approved stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimer/stabilisers.  
Category C - Full Contracting Membership of AustStab means a contracting member responsible for operating three or less approved stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimer/stabilisers

More information about the changes or concerns about how this might impact on your organisation, please contact me - click here.


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Greg White

Chief Executive Officer - AustStab 

Promote the stabilisation and road recycling industry • Educate and train people in the industry • Set national standards of performance • Assist and coordinate research


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