This month we review happenings in our industry, provide details of the 2016 AustStab ARRB Accreditation branding, Sustainability Benefits of Stabilisation, provide an overview of the AustStab CPEE Training for 2016 and release the Annual Report for Members.

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A monthly newsletter informing you of initiatives and happenings in the stabilisation industry in Australia

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In December 2015, AustStab:

  • Hosted the New South Wales Working Group meeting
  • Completed an accreditation field audit with ARRB in Tasmania
  • Met with State Road Agencies
  • Began Material Testing on Unsealed Pavements Trial sites
  • Continued work against the new strategic plan and revised pillars.
Some upcoming events:
  • 1 - 2 March 2016 - Adelaide CPEE Insitu Stabilisation Training Course
  • 16 - 17 March 2015 - Cloncurry CPEE Insitu Stabilisation Training Course
  • 26-28 July 2016 - AustStab Conference and Gala Dinner - Gold Coast
As the 2015 draws to and end, I take the time to reflect on the achievements that AustStab and our members have made. They are substantial and varied.

We have released the popular Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Guide, and have a commitment from Council to release two additional pocketbooks for field technicians and a commemorative book to celebrate 21 years since AustStab was established in 2016, as well as continuing to review our internal and state road agency and NATSPEC specifications.  With the support of the State Road Agency members we have commenced the harmonisation process for specifications. We continue to lobby for recognition of industry self regulation in the form of the AustStab ARRB Accreditation. We have delivered over 7 courses throughout Australia to over 130 candidates on pavement recycling and stabilisation. 

Few of our achievements would have been possible without our members, especially the dedicated core volunteers. They are a great team to work with and so incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Thank you.

None of our achievements would have been possible without our core management team.

I hope that you and your families have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year Break. We will return in 2016 ready to continue to maintain our valuable pavement infrastructure in a sustainable way.

Leah Fisher
CEO AustStab

AustStab ARRB Accreditation Decal 2016

AustStab ARRB Accredited Contractors are eligible to display the accreditation logo. The logo is date stamped. It can be displayed on centrally mounted mixers, spreaders and pugmill plants that are accredited under the scheme. The 2016 decals are available to order now

Accreditation is a self regulated scheme for insitu and pugmill plant stabilisation contractors. Accredited Contractors under take face to face and field audits as well as reference checks by an executive representative from AustStab and an ARRB representative on  a three yearly basis. People, Plant, Process and Past history are assessed. This potentially saves project managers hours in the tender evaluation process. More information about accreditation is available by contacting AustStab.


Stabilisation - Subgrade Treatement

The 2015 edition of the Stabilisation Guide includes Section 7 on Cementitious Stabilisation, with many subsections highlighting ways that cementitious stabilisation can benefit the pavement.

For example reviews the potential benefits of subgrade stabilisation:
  • To improve strength, thus allowing for a possible reduction in the overlying layer thickness;
  • Providing a working platform for construction equipment;
  • Converting material from a subgrade quality to that of a lower subbase quality;
  • Reducing construction problems associated with variable subgrade strengths; or to
  • Provide a water resistant sub-base for permeable or jointed pavements, keeping in mind that this may introduce a permeability reversal into the pavement which should be taken into account during design.
The Guide includes details about design, testing, construction and benefits.
It can be ordered here.

AustStab CPEE Training 

The 2016 face to face training program has been released. The course has been retitled Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Guide. In 2016 the course presenters will include Bob Andrews, Phil Walter and others for CPEE, Leah Fisher and Greg White for AustStab, as well as Daniel Orriss, Scott Young, Kerry Constanti and others representing the contracting members. Enquiries for all courses are welcome.   

It is difficult to explain how one course can meet the needs of so many. Designers and field operators as well as new sales staff for industries will all come away from this course with a greater appreciation of how stabilisation performs and provides a superior pavement solution, that just happens to also be environmentally sensible.   
2014 - 2015 Latest Annual Report

AustStab is a public company limited by guarantee. In accordance with the Corporation Act 2001, Members wishing to obtain a hard copy or an electronic copy of the company’s latest annual report can choose to obtain this from the company free of charge, and as a company limited by guarantee we are happy to comply with this request. To request a copy of the latest annual report, please click here.
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