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It's always worth a reminder to keep an eye out for those pesky little things called bed bugs! Just the name alone makes you start to itch. The problem is bed bugs can invade even the cleanest of establishments, if your guests unknowingly picked them up elsewhere then chances are they have hitched a free ride and before you know it, they are freeloading in your property! This would be a disaster for your establishment's reputation. 

Obviously we recommend being proactive by putting a bed bug protector on all your mattresses and bases before they invade - thus protecting your valuable beds and your reputation and saving you time and hassle! But sometimes they are there before you even know it! Once they're in the door they get everywhere - they hide behind and in between headboards and behind artwork - you need to fully clean and wipe behind and around all these accessories, you may even need to get an exterminator in.

The good news is, if you do find them, we sell bed bug protectors for mattresses and bases. These are really amazing, once encased, the bugs can’t get in or out of the mattress or base, there is even a patented zip closure not available on inferior products - they are sealed in!  Please note, you need to put a quilted or waterproof protector over the top until the bugs are dead, or they will try and bite your guests through the mesh. Your guest's skin and blood is their food, and no food means they will die!

If you need any help or advice, please give us a call or flick us a message. 

Keep safe, keep warm - Happy Shopping
Russell, Nadine & the CSL Team

CSL Team

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Protect Your Bed and Your Reputation from Bed Bugs!
Bug Lock
Bug Lock Protector for Mattresses and Bases by Protect-A-Bed
Bed bug infestations are a serious problem that can cause a variety of health concerns and can seriously damage your business and your reputation. Protect-A-Bed® BugLock encasements for mattresses and bases provide an effective barrier to bed bug infestation. Because treatments cannot reach the core of an already infected bed base, they usually need to be disposed of - but no longer.

Single - $42.00*
Long Single - $46.00*
King Single - $45.00*
Double - $49.00*
Queen - $56.00*
King - $59.50*
Super King - $63.00*

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Allerzip MP
Allerzip Smooth Sleep Surface Waterproof Fully Encased Mattress Protector by Protect-A-Bed

This great mattress protector protects all sides and the underneath your mattress. Bed bug and dust mite infestations are serious problems that can cause a variety of health concerns including asthma, eczema and allergies. An AllerZip® mattress protector provides an effective barrier to infestation. Because treatments can not reach the core of an already infected mattress, they usually need to be disposed of, but no longer. AllerZip® protects your mattress investment, and most importantly, your health.

Single - $80.90*
Long Single - $84.90*
King Single - $90.90*
Queen - $120.90*
King - $128.90*

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Mattress Protectors
Add a Mattress Protector over your Bed Bug Protector as the last step to eradicating bed bugs!
Drylife Mattress Protector
Waterproof Mattress Protector by Drylife®
These waterproof mattress protectors have a 100% cotton terry towelling top making them absorbent and comfortable and a soft PUC backing, meaning that they don't "rustle" at night. This is a good alternative as a protector to go over the Bed Bug Protector, totally preventing any bugs trying to nip in the night! Goodbye bed bugs!!

Single - $19.90*
Long Single - $23.90*
King Single - $23.90*
Double - $25.90*
Queen - $29.90*
King - $30.90*
Super King - $32.90*
Californian King - $38.90*

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GLC Quilted Waterproof MP
Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protectors by Good Linen Co®
A cost-effective, waterproof solution to protect your mattress and also prevent bed bugs from trying to bite through the Bed Bug Protector. Featuring a Microfibre Quilted top, soft Polyester fill and quiet TPU backing, meaning it is breathable and comfortable to sleep on and will also protect your mattress from any type of liquid. 
From $23.00*

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GLC Quilted Fitted MP
Quilted Fitted Mattress Protector by Good Linen Co®
Or you could opt for a quilted mattress protector which will also prevent the bugs biting.  With a generous 150gsm polyester fill, the Good Linen Co® Mattress Protector is soft, cosy and luxurious to sleep on. Its easy-care polycotton front and back and its super stretchy skirt ensure that it will suit all mattress depths (up to 50cm). 
From $33.90*

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Essential Must-Haves - good order "top-ups"
Did you know that if your order is over $200 excl GST you will get free freight (excludes beds, mattresses, bunks and some bulky product like cushion inners to some areas).  If you are a bit short of the $200 mark, you could consider adding some "essentials" to your order - here are some suggestions.
Commercial Dish Cloth
Laundry Bags
Makeup Face Cloths
Hotel Velour Slippers
* All prices are exclusive of GST.  Place your order online to earn Rewards Points that you can use towards future purchases. Freight free for orders over $200 excl GST excluding beds, mattresses and some bulky products (cushion inners, polyester fill to some areas) - we will contact you prior to shipping.  We do not charge any Administration or Handling Fees.
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