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Hello!  In the last while, I came across the NATO phonetic alphabet and I started to reflect on the phone calls that simply would have been a disaster if we had not used the international phonetic alphabet to navigate our way through.  Being raised in a Dutch family and being one of the first French immersion classes in Ontario has developed my 'ear for accents'.  This was especially important when I worked my way through college and university and cared for seniors who sometimes had enunciation challenges.  In between college and university, I travelled through Europe and marvelled at the number of accents that I discovered for the first time.  From that time on, identifying someone's accent became good fun, eh!  To raise the bar on fun, I love when I speak Dutch and can stump someone on where I am from.  In the highly densely populated country like the Netherlands, one only needs to travel 3-5 minutes by car to hear a dialect change and they love to know where you are from.  As much as an Easterner likes to know who you are related to!
Accents and culture can either be conversation static or comic relief as you both laugh at what you 'thought' the other person said.  In dealing with meetings or travel, it's kind of important to be precise.  Arriving on the right day, in the intended destination is a good thing.  Up until a few months ago, I've been making up my own words like 'r' for 'rodeo' instead of 'romeo' and thought it better to learn the international phonetic standard.
So much of our communication these days in one dimensional and sometimes it's necessary to add a smiling voice.  While sending an email feels as though it expedites the process, hearing someones voice can clear any static.  It just occurred to me that Morse Code is possibly the earlier version of texting.  These last few months, I've been doing more video Skype for work. It's not my comfort zone but with practice like any form of communication, I'll master it as what I know for sure is...communication rocks! In saying that, go to our Facebook page, 'like us' and check out the vid on txting.  
Timely yours,

101 Tips:  3 Days Pre and Post

While this seems to be something hotels agree to quite easily these days, it is still imperative to include this clause in the contract. These few words are especially important when you are booking into a destination that has compression which reduces the number of rooms available.
While we have discussed history a number of times, it can't be stressed enough that knowing how many delegates typically come early or how many board meetings happen before the main conference is important as you then need to secure the space.
This week we are working in a compressed Canadian city where one pre night over the conference rate is a staggering 181% increase.  The rate difference is over $300 if you wish to come in prior to the conference.  In this case, the hotel is not going to extend the pre/post rates because they do not have inventory.  Thankfully this is an anomaly and extra communication to delegates will mitigate the potential disruptive pattern pickup. It is another reminder of the risks organizations take when we are booking years in advance.  Next month we will focus on determining your bell curve as this in another component to helping predict the rooms you need.   
Communication and education to delegates once again is key to the success of the pickup within the block.  Roger that!  Over and out...     

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9 all the time you have...

The average attention span of a web surfer is 9 seconds.  Last month our team took the Sally Hogshead Fascination Factor test to determine what part of our personalities we use to fascinate others.  To determine your own F-Factor, you can visit her website @  We all found it quite fascinating how it did nail all of us!  It turns out that my archetype is Advocate.  It tells me that I tend to inclusively and enthusiastically champion others and their ideas to inspire change.  Love it!  
Congratulations to Karri Rolofs from Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe for guessing that I was in Queen's Park in Toronto. This month we gave away a $25 KIVA card and Karri will now select an entrepreneur in a developing country to contribute to a loan.  The repayment of KIVA is 97% and in just a few months she will be able to reinvest again.  We love KIVA!
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