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Dear Maureen,

It's About Time!

We spend it, make it, guard it, use it, lose it, watch it, waste it, give it, take it...  Got time?!  Well that depends.  A few years ago, I read that an average executive has approximately 80 hours of work on their desk at any given time.  The trends setters are calling us time starved while history tells us we have never had so much choice on how we spend our time.  I guess it's all relative! 

We can all agree that time is precious.  Saving time is the reason The Howes Group exists.  Every day our company researches and presents results to folks for them to make a decision on the data collected.  It isn't that they are unable to do this task themselves, in fact all are savvy folks who have simply made a decision to be more productive with their time.  Amanda O'Reilly of Ottawa is a great example of a business owner (multi award winning) concierge service company called BalanceInStyle (  Her and her team help folks manage their 'to do' lists so they can explore the 'want to do' list.  Amanda explains that the tipping point to using her services is to truly determine the value of your time as then the decision to outsource becomes clear. 

For those familiar with TED Conferences (, I find this a great place to spend time. (Ok I'm addicted!)  TED is a think tank of the world's best minds on Technology, Education and Design.  The video clips are 18 minutes or less.  Phillip Zimbardo, the world renowned social psychologist did a presentation on 'Time' which I found fascinating.  Time is a perception and we each have a predetermined mindset of 'time'.  According to his research, our culture and environment have a huge impact on our pace of life and how we plan for our future.  If you have 10 minutes and 9 seconds, here is the link:

Enjoy as soon it will be one of our favourite times ~ summer time! 

Timely yours, Brenda

PS.  It's about time I change my profile photo!  Where did 6.5 years go?!  Better go make some time... 

101 Tips: Setup Time

A well run conference can be traced straight back to a great logistics plan.  Good flow just doesn't happen as we know - it is built in to the plan.  Hotels understand that your 85 booth tradeshow will take time to setup while we need to ensure that the time required is blocked in the meeting room itinerary at the contract signing time.

So often, we are working with outside suppliers including AV and show services and we need to ensure we build in ample amount of time to accommodate their schedules.  It would be easier if we were the only clients onsite, while often there are other meetings that are taking place on our dates and so work with the hotel to secure a mutually beneficial setup time.



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Where Am I?

You may fall in love with this 7,000 square feet of chocolate heaven.  Beginning this month, the Bicentennial Celebration of the War of 1812 will be honoured at this destination as they were the front lines for three years and a few months.  Send your answers to for your chance to win a $25 Petro Canada gas card! 

Who Knew?!
The month of June was named after Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage.  May was designated as the month for the annual bath, so June only seemed logical to be the month to be wed! 

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