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The Howes Group Welcomes Elisa Share 
The Howes Group is excited to introduce Elisa Share, Senior Accounts Manager, Global Accounts, as the newest member of the THG team.
Please help me welcome Elisa to The Howes Group Team!  As a seasoned business events industry aficionado, Elisa brings with her over three decades of experience in sales positions and senior hospitality roles.  
Elisa describes it best when she said, “The decision to join The Howes Group and become an entrepreneur is solely based on wanting to continue to work hard for myself and for my clients.”

The timing for Elisa to join The Howes Group was perfect in that she was able to join us last week for a THG city visit of Montreal.  Elisa lived in Montreal for a number of years and we were interested to learn that her vote for her favourite bagel is hands down from St. Viateur.
To say hi and congratulate Elisa on her new adventures, you can reach her here:
Here on LinkedIn
her office number:  (613) 912-4387
and finally, her cell:  (403) 919-5479

A number of ways to connect!  Welcome to the team Elisa!    

Timely yours,

Top Five Ideas to Apply IFTTT (If This Then That) Logic in Your Contract Negotiations

Our mission here at THG is to always apply the principles of 'fair and logical' during the hotel room block contract negotiation process.  It sets a baseline to reach an amicable and mutually beneficial outcome for all stakeholders.

Here are five tips to consider when you apply the 'If This Then That' logic during your negotiations:
  1. IF your room rate is higher than you would like it to be, THEN consider increasing your food and beverage minimum.
  2. IF your food and beverage minimum is to high, THEN consider the risk to increase your bedroom block.  
  3. IF your delegates are always making their reservations last minute, THEN consider a very attractive early bird deadline.
  4. IF your meeting space costs are higher than you would like them to be, THEN consider increasing your food and beverage spend or bedroom commitment.  (Or reducing the amount of space and be flexible with the 24 hour hold)
  5. IF your delegates are booking outside the block, THEN consider increasing their registration fee and reward those who book within the block with a reduced registration rate.
Similar to Sir Isaac Newton's laws of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  All of the components of a contract are interconnected and changing one, affects something, somewhere else.  The quest is to find the perfect balance.

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