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Dear <<First Name>>,

At this time of year, I find myself admiring and longing for a new lunchbox. It has been a few years since I carried my Nancy Drew lunch box while still to this day, when that first leaf begins to turn red, I simply can't help myself – the pull to seek is strong. While summer is certainly a fabulous time of year, the fall brings with it a sense of rhythm. We have no expectations in the summer to check off the 'to do' list while the last quarter of the year brings with it some lofty goals. 

Labour Day weekend is significant as it is like the ‘New Years Eve’ for our productive lives. It seems to be the time to work towards new goals, sign up for a new hobby, enrol the kids in a new sport and get ourselves back on track. 

For most reading this newsletter, planning is what we do; it is who we are and how we like it. We set goals, determine how we will get there and part way down the road, we set aside time to review and determine if we need to adjust the course. 

Reviewing room blocks at a predetermined time with the hotel is critical to the success of an event in that it allows all parties an opportunity to determine if the landscape is the same as when the initial decisions were made. Things change, economics shift, people move on and topics gain or wane relevance. We plan our conferences two, three and even up to five years out, so it is only logical to schedule time to review and set a new course if necessary.

Excuse me now as I must go read the Staples flyer, I have a strong urge to go buy stationary and ink!


Timely yours,


101 Tips:
Room Block Review Dates

Managing the success of a room block begins before the contract is signed. Setting review dates is key especially of late as so much can change in a year, let alone two and three years out from your meeting.

Setting a schedule of room block review dates where adjustments can be made without charge is recommended. The date closest to the meeting is the date on which the final room block is determined and attrition will be based on that.

The date(s) that a hotel will agree to is determined by how much time they believe they need to resell the rooms you give back. One year out – up to six months is easier to resell than within the 180 day window. Pending the destination, time of year and rate will determine if you are able to return inventory from your block. Having the dates further out than a year is more difficult to predict, as the majority of your pickup is probably within the last ninety days.

Having review dates for multiple year contracts is very important as you can use the experience from the last year to apply to the next. As we know hindsight is 20-20!


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What's New?

QR Codes (abbreviated from Quick Response code), are a type of two-dimensional code that is designed to be read by Smartphones. Created in Japan by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994, the QR code was originally designed to track vehicle parts. 
Like most things in the technical world, the original use has now evolved and has reached us. Scanning a QR code saves you time in that it automatically adds the contact to your phone, directs you to a website or sets up a text message. The action depends on the intent of the design. There are all kinds of ways this technology can save time in the world of meetings and conferences. 
To read a QR code, your Smartphone needs a reader which is a quick download. Have your phone search the application area for 'QR Code scanner'.  Once the program has loaded, open the program and you simply hold your phone over top of the QR code and your phone will automoatically scan it.  Try it!   
Similar to websites, you want to be sure you can trust the QR code you are scanning. Above is a QR code that automatically connects you to my Twitter feed. Let’s tweet about the joys of saving time!
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