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Welcome Jeanna André-Murdie to The Howes Group!

Welcome Jeanna André-Murdie to The Howes Group! You are a wonderful addition to the team as you truly understand what it means to advocate for the folks you work for and work with.

Striking a work-life balance and having the ability to transfer twenty years of hotel and hospitality experience into a meaningful and rewarding career were key components to Jeanna’s decision to join The Howes Group.
Jeanna has worked with clients in association, corporate and SMURF markets in both large hotel brands and independent properties.  This breadth of knowledge allows her to exercise her passion to help clients with a bonus of forging friendships along the way.  
Growing up in Kingston, Ontario, the coffee and tea were always on.  Family and friends would gather for a meal, to play a song or just enjoy a chat. Hosting and entertaining are deeply rooted in the André-Murdie home. 
Jeanna would love to hear from you as she begins this new enterprise and chapter in her career.  You can reach her by email ( and by phone 613 821 3825.    

Timely yours, Brenda


101 Tips:  Take Charge of Attrition!

Your future meeting produces a 'snap shot' to help leadership within a hotel determine its occupancy during a particular period of time.  Hotel budgets and forecasts are used to plan for staffing levels, purchasing and other hotel operational activities. As you know, when you secure a hotel block of rooms, the hotel takes the rooms out of inventory and places them on hold for your group.

Hoteliers often refer to room inventory 'perishability'. If a room goes unsold, the 'potential revenue' is never earned and the hotel considers this a loss.  This is the definition of attrition.  

Top Five Tips to Avoid Attrition:
  1. Analyze your room pick-up pace by recording your conference guestroom pick-up at various intervals prior to your event.  Keeping accurate records will assist in forecasting your attendance for future years based on past room pick-up pace.  This will allow greater reaction time if there are significant changes from your projected conference needs to what you have reserved at the hotel.

  2. How will the location you have chosen affect attendance?  Has your organization been there before?  If you don’t have access to this information ask for advice.  We have decades worth of data and trends here at the The Howes Group while a destination management office (DMO), hotel or similar organizations to yours might be able to assist with insight from past events.

  3. When faced with lower room pick-up, ensure the hotel will attempt to mitigate attrition by reselling dropped rooms.  Formalize this in your contract to ensure that when they are successful in reselling rooms, it will lessen or eliminate your liability.

  4. Review your conference marketing efforts to maximize reach.  A combination of communication methods should be used to speak to your potential attendees with varying demographic backgrounds.

  5. If despite all your efforts meeting attendance will be down, don’t wait and hope the problem will go away on its own.  The sooner you can share this with the hotel, the more time there will be to resell rooms.
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