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The Howes Group is delighted to officially announce that Desmond Lomas is our newest team member!  As a seasoned hotelier, Desmond brings a depth of knowledge and experience from his expansive hospitality career. 

For a number of years Desmond has thought about exercising his entrepreneurial spirit.  After months of speaking with a number of companies, he and his wife Marie-France made their decision to join The Howes Group.

Having experience with working with our team as an hotelier allowed him to see who we are and how we operate.  To have someone acknowledge our 'fair and logical' industry reputation and philosophy ensures a great fit because this is also Desmond's core belief.

Welcome Desmond!  Your clients are going to love your style and benefit tremendously from your years of experience in a decision making role in the hotel industry.  You can reach Desmond by email ( or by phone (613) 297-5558. He is ready to go!

Timely yours, 
101 Tips:  How to Reduce F&B Tips     
Five Key Tips To Reduce F&B Costs:

As you begin to determine your food and beverage minimum the best place to begin is your history.  This amount is taken into consideration by the hotel when they quote a room rate and determine the concessions a group will earn.  Here are some tips to keeping your F&B on budget: 
  1. Order on consumption 
  2. Use house-branded wines and drinks
  3. Have a plated dinner instead of a buffet - they're often less expensive
  4. If your meeting spans over a few days, suggest a "lunch on your own" option
  5. Host a heavy hors d'oeuvres reception in place of dinner

Bonus:  If there is another group in house at the same time, suggest that you share menus.

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