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Take Charge!

Over the years, I confess to have watched an episode or two of Star Trek.  While I would never consider myself a 'Trekkie', the adventure and futuristic view captivates my imagination.  Taking a look back at a 1966 Star Trek episode makes me smile at what we thought the future would hold for us.  While there are things we can outright laugh at, the technology and gadgets of Star Trek were so creative that to this day, the idea of replicators and transporters are something I secretly hope will still happen.     

One of the characters that I relate to in the summer months is Seven of Nine.  (Wait for it...)  Part machine and part human, she had to undergo a process of regeneration when her life force got low by stepping into a 'charging unit'.  That to me is the perfect analogy for summer vacation!  It wasn't sleep necessarily but regeneration, which leaves you more refreshed than the start of the last charge.

If your life is anything like mine, it takes a production schedule to ensure all my daily life is plugged in and recharged.  Cell phones, iPads, laptops, wireless car speaker, phone handsets - it seems our modern life has also conspired to ensure each gadget has a separate charger and battery life.  The 12v car charger is a handy gadget - if it's in the right car.  The cell phone charger works amazing - if it's in the suitcase that you packed.  The problem is that when the battery is not charged - it simply does not work.  The interesting point here is the most efficient way to charge the battery is to power down completely as then it takes half the charging time to reach 100%.    

So this is a reminder (mostly to myelf) to power down completely and step into the recharging booth.  Wishing you a great 'regeneration' time and I look forward to hearing all about how you took your amber light - to GREEN! 

Timely yours, 


101 Tips: Hospitality Suites

When you are a delegate at a conference or meeting, the magic we know happens serendipitously - when least expected.  It could be while waiting in a drink line or enroute to a session:  the one person you wanted to meet is right there and introductions are exachanged. 

Having a hospitality suite for your group, is a great way to increase the likelihood of great synergistic moments for folks who already know one another or simply are getting to know their colleagues better.  Having a hospitality suite is simply a great place for your group to bond.  It makes the group feel 'special' and it is often exclusive entry. 

Keep in mind that depending on your location, different liquor laws apply, so keeping costs down by purchasing your own f&b may not be available in all destinations. 



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Who Knew?!
There are 4,700 medals produced for the London 2012 Olympic Summer Games. They will be kept safe ahead of the Games in the vaults of the Tower of London.  The official website for the event is:

Where Am I?
Congratulations to Arlene for knowing that I was in Niagara Falls at the Hershey Store (Canada's largest).  She has won a $25 Petro Canada gas card.    Sweet!

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