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All In Good Time...

Waiting two minutes to see a loved one who you haven't seen in months, and the two minute window for either catching or missing a flight, is the same measurement of time and yet very different.  One feels like an eternity and the other is just not enough. Being punctual for an appointment is important to me, give or take five to seven minutes of 'wiggle'.  My friends known that if we need to be on time, then ask Brenda to manage the itinerary.  There are many instances I wish I could be more 'laissez faire', but in my world right now it is just how I mark time.  How do you tell time?  To read more, click here to visit our blog.
101 Tips: VIP Transfers

In the spirit of timeliness, I thought we would discuss the topic of airport transfers because that is what I am working on today.  

The transfer from the airport to the hotel can be as varied as the quality of the stay.  My first time travelling to Orlando was a shock in that our ground transportation costs were 30% of our lift costs.  Then last year I returned for a conference and the arranged shuttle didn't show up due to my flight delay, so I was forced to pay $100 US for a one-way trip to the hotel.  

There are synergies that align with hotels and the ground transportation companies. Pending the size of your program and how important it is to you, ask the hotel if they can cover costs for your VIPs.  In the case of an airport that has some significant distance between destinations, this would be the time to ask.  

Top Five Things to consider when dealing with a ground transportation company:
  1. History and working relationship with the hotel
  2. Reliability and trustworthiness
  3. Confirm payment method for your VIPs
  4. Type of vehicle you require
  5. Insurance
Having someone greet you upon arrival while holding up a sign with your name and then escorting you out to the awaiting car, is a great feeling and one that your VIPs will appreciate.  
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