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Change it up...

At the turn of the 21st century, I was working within a human resources department for a high tech company and the messaging was all about change and innovation. We addressed the uncomfortable feelings associated with change and how innovation was painful yet fulfilling. We had the CEO, President, executives and staff do Myers Briggs assessments to determine their tolerance to change and we coached folks through the change process. Turns out my indicators told them that I adapt well to change. I'm sure they were referring to change of clothes, oil or perhaps scenery.


Myers and Briggs et al may have their ways to assess these factors, but the day I found out that the hotel I booked for a client two years later was now a completely different brand, I'm not so sure that was a seamless transition day! @*#($!. The new brand was a 'step down' although with the renovations it would, in its defence, be a fresh hotel. That being said, it wasn't what we had booked! The only reason that we navigated through that situation without much damage was that the year before, I spent an entire summer putting a multi-year agreement together in Ottawa and two weeks after the agreement was signed, the Ottawa Congress Centre announced – after 'fifteen years of warning' that they were going to be demolished and rebuilt. Guess you could say, I had practice.  At the moment of change, it is hard to imagine an even better outcome is possible while that is often the result of - change.   


The Greek philosophers in 500BC, debated what is constant in our worlds and what changes. They agreed that change is a constant. Phew, finally something that does not change! 



Timely Yours,

Brenda Howes


The Howes Group




Change of Ownership / Change of Management


These two terms certainly refer to change while one tends to have more impact on the employees of the hotel and the other on those who make the reservations. 


The Change of Ownership makes a tremendous difference to the employees in that the new owners have the ability to change the existing labour agreements or interpret the clauses differently from the previous agreement.  While this condition has more impact on the staff, the residual  is directly reflected on the employee satisfaction levels. One only needs to look at 'the major' airline in Canada to fully understand this clear example.  Hotel general managers report to owners and also to the brand managers while both have different business objectives. 


Change of Management refers to the organization who gives the hotel its 'feel'. The management is responsible for the consistency of the product and to maintain the brand standards.  The management is the one who gives the hotel the 'je ne sais quoi' and philosophical direction. While they are responsible for choosing the quality of linen, more importantly they ensure their staff has the customized training. A critical component for those of us who expect a certain level of service from a particular brand.


Change in the ownership and management can both affect your program, so adding the clauses that cover you helps mitigate any effects a change can potentially have on you, the customer. 


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Who Knew?

Only the male turkey, 'the toms', gobble! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend ~ we have much to be thankful for.



Where Am I?

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