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101 Tips: Site Selection Negotiation

The Heat is On...

As Canadians we know how much we love discussing the weather.  With my work I have the opportunity to speak with folks around the globe and it seems, we aren't the only ones obsessed with weather patterns.  If we all thought about how often the weather comes up in conversation, we could estimate that it is close to 90% of our conversations.  When you live in a climate that has a sixty degree temperature swing, there is no avoiding having lived through a significant 'weather incident' at least once. 

About a year ago, an older gentleman of 70+ (a wise guy) told me that you will never hear a weather person say that there is a 50/50 chance of rain as that would simply be guessing.  You have to love sage wisdom as it has had time to become history.    

It is a comment that I mentally refer to all the time.  When we approach a hotel with the numbers, it is my role to ensure that we are simply not guessing.  The way to avoid that is to ensure to go back to the meeting history.  Destinations certainly can determine your group pickup while if you compare at least five locations, you can begin to see an average.  


Red Sum not in sight
Meeting Planner's delight

Red Sum in the morning, 
Meeting Planner's warning

Timely yours, Brenda
Director, Global Accounts


Knowing your History...

There is no question that each time we present a program to a hotel, we are looking for the best value.  One way to ensure the hotel will come back with that a good offer straight away, is to give the hotel a concise snapshot of what is needed. 

When a hotel receives an RFP, they review the information and determine very quickly: 

  • How many attendees?
  • How much meeting space you need?
  • How many bedrooms you are requesting?

Then the next question is, has this group hosted this meeting, in this format before? 

Each of us thinks that our meeting is the most important meeting while a sales manager responds to multiple requests in a day.  They look at what is currently on the books and see if our meeting is a 'fit' for them.

To help a hotel determine if we are a match, providing history for our group is very helpful.  This history includes:

  • Where did you host your last meeting? (City and host hotel)
  • What was your final pickup?
  • What was your food and beverage spend?

Knowing this information helps the sales person approach the revenue manager and gives them background intel to 'pitch' your piece of business.  No one wants to repeat history that didn't come away with great results. 




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c 613 447 1185


This island destination marks the beginning or end of a coast to coast journey.

Send your answers to Amanda at: for your chance to win a Tim Horton's coffee card. 



July was renamed for Julius Caesar. It is the seventh month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, and is 31 days long. In prior years, it was called Quintilis.  In Latin, "Quint" means five which makes perfect sense since it was the fifth month in the Roman calendar, which started in March.   Who knew?


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