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Dear <<First Name>>,

OMG another TLA! 

Our industry certainly has alot of TLAs.  When I send out an RFP, I know I can be guilty.  People are so creative they make them up all the time. If time is the ROI to using TLAs, we need to be sure folks know what we mean. Most of the time TLAs can be deciphered while a FAQ is what does that TLA mean? 
Admittedly I am a WIP and feel sometimes I need a PHD figure it all out. When I discover a new one, often I just LOL. BTW, folks who use FLAs make my CPU work overtime and I secretly hope the conversation ends ASAP. 
Within MPI, I’m not so sure if CMPs in PEI use more TLAs than in the ROC but I know for sure that folks in USA use them as much as CADs in an AGM. And then there are always the CAEs who deal with CVBs and DMCs when discussing DMPs. It is everywhere!
The other day at an industry reception, three of us were discussing the FIT economic impact versus group business and we laughed because we use the TLA all the time and were not 100% sure of the first letter.    
February is a good month to give each other some TLC. With Groundhog Day behind us, spring is sure to be near. BTW, the accuracy of the groundhog predictions is 37% .  LOL!       

FYI, our company THG will be at Booth 818 at the Tête-a-tête show in Ottawa on February 9th, come by and tell us your favourite industry TLAs!

TTYL, Brenda



101 Tips: Guest Bed Types

With it being February and the month of the heart, I have yet to be asked to request a room with a heart-shaped bed. It seems those days are well behind us while the request for 'comfortable beds' tops the list. 

While at an industry event, I took the liberty to ask everyone I met what their top three 'must haves' for a hotel room were. The interesting part of this survey was that all the respondents were hoteliers. 

It turns out that the top response was (drum roll...) a comfortable bed. To which I do concur. The second answer that followed was comfortable pillows. There was certainly the foam pillow vs. the feather pillow fans as well as the hard vs. soft camps while bed comfort was never debated. 

When asked if they wanted a king or queen, that didn't seem to matter as much while some were quite adamant about the quality of the linen. 

King-sized beds are often considered an upgrade while most respondants to my impromptu survey were fine with two beds in the room as they like to use the other for putting 'stuff' on.

To have only one bed in the room does allow for more real estate while depending on the group, sometimes folks share rooms and cost so technically the room is the same size but it simply contains more furniture.

A few years ago, Egyptian cotton was not in our everyday vernacular while these last few years have made all of us quite knowledgeable on the minimum thread count required for a good sleep. We all agreed at the end of the evening, that the only thing that trumps a comfortable bed is cleanliness. Nothing was higher on the list than having a clean room. 

So, having a clean and quiet room with 60/40 cotton/polyester fabric and soft, supple superior 300-thread-count linen with the pillow firmness of your desire is what dreams are made of!  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


p 613 692 2514
c 613 447 1185

Where Am I?

A few years ago, I left my heart here.  This destination is certainly known for having built a bridge that civil engineers to this day still marvel at. The bridge which was completed in 1937 and spans an entire mile.  Email with your answer for a chance to win a Tim Horton's coffee card. 


Who Knew?

The heart is the most common symbol of romantic love. The heart may be associated with love because the ancient Greeks believed it was the target of Eros, known as Cupid to the Romans. Anyone shot in the heart by one of Cupid's arrows would fall hopelessly in love. Because the heart is so closely linked to love, it's red color is thought to be the most romantic.

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