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Dear <<First Name>>,

May the Force Be With

About this time of year, we start to truly begin waking from our winter slumber.  The world begins to morph and according to some research, so do our bodies.  Scientists have officially identified 'Spring Fever' as our reaction to the warmer temperatures and with more hours of daylight, our bodies produce more serotonin - the happy hormone - which must be a good thing.  Some go even so far to say that our blood pressure drops with the rise of temperatures as our blood vessels expand.  Wow!  All that without us having to do a thing - amazing.

The month of May to me is the great 'hurry up and wait' month.  There just seems to be so much to do in this lovely month while the payoff doesn't come for another couple months.  The flower beds have had a few hours already invested, the bicycles have been dragged out of storage and had a few spins, the patio furntiture has been wiped down and setup with the promise of relaxation and then we wait.  It isn't quite warm enough to sit out in the evening and daytime has not reached swiming temperatures.  But we're READY!  

It is hard to deny that we are in preparation for the main event of summer while this month of May brings with it a rumble of energy and tasks to keep us occupied while we await the arrival.  

Does this sound familiar to those who plan meetings?!  The 'to do' list is long and there seems to be lead up times that are busier that others.  It is my feeling that May is the busy month while thank goodness for the extra boost of natural energy - it's amazing that it's there just when we need it most.

Timely yours, Brenda

101 Tips: Room Drop Deliveries

Each time the hotel becomes involved with your meeting that has not been prenegotiated, there is a cost associated.  Fair enough as the staff do need to be paid.  The challenge comes when you are not aware that the VIP guests to the President's Reception need to know a detail about the event and only a special note delivery to their room will suffice.  Even with the Smart technology available, a special 'room drop' is often the best way to ensure the message is delivered and received.
If you have used this service in the past and feel there may be a need for your upcoming meeting, it is better to discuss this prior to signing the contract.  A cap on quantity is understood while even a room drop to your 15 board members from the President is a very nice touch, especially if the board a voting on an issue that requires collaboration. 

A hand delivered note to the guest room makes the message feel that much more important!




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Hats off to Jay, Mike, Jennifer, Joanne, Lois, Debra and Shelley. Yes, I was in Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, atop of the Ogopogo. This mysterious water creature legend predates its Scottish cousin Nessie by 80 years.

Who Knew?

Hawthorn (a small tree in the rose family) and Lily of the Valley are considered the official May flowers after the April showers.  Who Knew!

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