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Worth The Wait

It took many years to learn that the Sears Christmas Wish Book catalogue was shipped out in September as it only ever arrived at our house two weeks before the Big Day because my mom managed its annual debut.  Those pages didn't have a chance in that before the day was done, the corners were tagged, flagged and dog-eared by many hands in the household.  It was an exciting time and one of hope and dreams.  There was always the fear that two weeks was not enough time to redeem oneself to the 'good' side of the book.  The wait and anticipation for the Main Event was certainly a test of strength.   

This skillset of patience has improved while each time I am forced to wait and be patient, the only thing that gets me through is to remind myself that more often than not, the outcome is worth the wait.

Making a decision on a Smart phone has been an interesting exercise of patience of late as I have been eligible for a hardware upgrade for months.  The difficulty to decide and commit to a device has been elevated with the numerous options to choose from.   Then there is the marketing swirl to contend with that often clouds reason.  

For weeks I've been resisting the urge to buy what is currently available to wait a bit longer to see what the new year will unveil.  One has to be confident and satisfied for more than twenty four months, which as we know is a long time.  Golly, in two years there is a chance we will be beaming our thoughts on to a computer screen without even typing!    

Thankfully this decision is a fun 'wait and see' exercise and doesn't come with any earth shattering consequences.  It is only my mobile office, communication tool, entertainment and inseparable companion - how hard can that decision be to make?  Guess I'll just have to wait and see... 

Timely yours, 

PS.  As I finish writing this piece by the light of early dawn, the anticipation of knowing when first snowfall will arrive for Winter 2012 has been confirmed.  Here is a link to this year's Farmer's Almanac to help you determine how close you need to keep that shovel.

101 Tips:  Pay It Forward

One of the best times to promote next year's event is at this year's event, when everyone is feeling good and engaged.  Even just introducing the destination for the next event and having visuals creates anticipation which gives folks an insight into what is being planned for the future.   

One of the ways we have seen to generate buzz is to create an opportunity for an excited winner to emerge from a crowded room.  Bob Barker, on The Price Is Right, has been using this technique for years with great success.  As you are discussing the conditions of your contract with the hotel, make some room for the hotel to extend to you a gift certificate for you to hand out to a winning potential delegate.  This winning combination has been known to produce a very engaged future delegate who will have twelve months in some cases, to pass on the enthusiasm!





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Where Am I? 
When I visited this destination for the site visit, it was at the height of the Aurora Borealis.  This famous street sign (Ragged Ass Road) in this northern destination was so often stolen that the city has since welded it to the post and replicated hundreds of signs for tourists. 

Who Knew?!
T'is the season to herald the cranberry!  This seasonal berry even has a unique blown glass named after it.  Who knew that cranberry glass gets its unique colour by adding gold to the hot molten.  Rossi Glass in Niagara Falls is the only manufacturer of this Robino Oro glass in Canada.   Who knew!

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