November 2021
LCEO newsletter - December 2021

In this edition:

  • Date of next meeting
  • After COP 26 - role for community energy groups
  • Walking together n east Oxford
  • Car-sharing in east Oxford - Zoom presentation tonight, 15 Dec
  • Food waste - storage and getting about
  • Repair Cafes near to us
  • Packaging survey
  • Tree planting

Next LCEO meeting will be Tues 11th January 2022, 8pm

Next LCEO Meeting – do come along.

We’re delaying by a week for the first meeting of the year. Join us online on Tuesday 11th January at 8PM. We’ll be picking up on responses to our leafletting in the neighbourhood and what we can offer, connecting into a city-wide initiative on retrofitting houses. That could include you!

Always under an hour.
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 843 6520 2145
Passcode: 441342

Apologies for the formatting problems with the meeting link last time.
As ever, if the link doesn't work, try entering the meeting ID and passcode at

CoP26 reflection

One helpful article from Rebecca Solnit about staying resilient in the face of it all. Useful thought about not imagining ourselves primarily as consumers, and much else.
And an illuminating comment at COP from Barbara Hammond, of our very own local Low Carbon Hub:
Barbara helped launch a new smart grid partnership in the UK Presidency Pavilion on 2 Nov. She then went on to take part in a panel event on 4 Nov, on How communities can co-ordinate and collaborate to play a more active role in the future energy system’. 

Speaking about the role of community energy groups in the transition to zero carbon, Barbara talked about working together, to ensure a fair outcome.

She said: “As we transition to a zero-carbon energy system, the changes required will be as much about people and the way they interact with it as it is about technology. That's why we need zero carbon energy systems that are not just digitally smart, but people smart too. Variations in local geographies, communities and the capacities of local networks will mean that zero carbon energy solutions will be as varied as the communities they serve. By working together, we can prioritise solutions that are welcomed by local communities because they are designed to meet local needs. Grounding the network in the real world, working with real communities, is crucial to ensuring that we create an energy system that is fair. Fair in terms of who pays, who gets to benefit, and which ensures that no-one is left behind."

Walking together in east Oxford

Sunday 9th January 11am – the first of our monthly local walks in nearby green spaces.

Meet on Old Road at the top entrance to South Park OX3 7JX for a wander around the drier parts of the Park, with views and history and trees aplenty. A chance to put faces to names, check how we’re doing, rather than plan anything tangible – though who knows what may emerge!

Please let us know on if you plan to come along. The weather will have to be exceptionally awful to deter us!

Car-sharing trials

Car-Sharing Trials are being proposed for various parts of East Oxford. You may have had a leaflet? At this early stage those behind it just need to get a sense of how people respond to the idea, no commitments. The survey is easy to fill in via the QR code on the leaflet, if you have a smartphone (some of us trying that out for the first time! )

You can click through from the home page to the east Oxford page and find your area, or ‘loop’.

Tonight, Wed 15 Dec 8PM, Emily will be doing a short Zoom presentation. Registration link here

She will be explaining about car-sharing, as well as how to set up your own community car-sharing loop (and why it's such a good idea to do it). Will also be Q&A for people thinking of joining one of the new Oxford loops and we'll hear from Scott, who is in the process of setting up another Oxford loop.

Next Repair Cafes and a darning introduction video

Next Rose Hill Repair Café is on Saturday 5th Feb 10am - 12:30 at Rose Hill Community Centre. After that, they’re always on the first Saturday of alternate months – April, June, August and so on.

Share Oxford Repair Café at Makespace are currently holding back until the Covid situation is clearer.

Meanwhile, this very short video is the best we’ve found to show basic darning.
(Tip; you don’t need a proper darning ‘mushroom’, just anything that holds the hole open, a notebook, mug, whatever comes to hand.)

Packaging survey

A survey for two-person households from Brookes University about shopping and plastic –this involves keeping receipts from your shopping and filling in a form. (We're not sure what happens when your shopping doesn't result in an itemised receipt!)

‘We are seeking couples living in the UK (no children at home) to participate. The research is exploring motivations regarding consumption of household plastic waste. We are aware that a big concern of plastic waste generation lies with supermarkets, but this is not the focus of this research: which is on what people (couples) do at home.

To take part in this study we would like you to complete an online questionnaire about your plastic consumption as a household. To do so, simply click the link below. The questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Link to: Plastic consumption questionnaire

After you have completed the questionnaire we kindly ask you to keep the receipts of your next 3 big supermarket shops (or multiple shop receipts if you visit various stores) . Once you have 3 weeks of receipts we would like you to submit them via a google form document where you can upload pictures of your receipts. In our view, the easiest way to do this is to use your smartphone to do so. Below is the link to the google form to upload the receipts of your latest 3 big shops (or equivalent).
Google form to upload receipts of your 3 big shops

Any problems with completing this, contact: Dr. Christian Ehrlich ( or Dr. Samantha Miles (

Tree Planting

Hundreds of trees were planted not far from us recently, with more to come around town.

This included six disease-resistant elms in Florence Park, in honour of Jan Seed, a local climate campaigner who died earlier this year. Do go and have a look. They are creating a new avenue along the northern edge of the park, near the Campbell Rd entrance. There were huge elms in the park before the disease destroyed them in the 1970s, so this is a welcome return.

And lastly...

The copper beech on Iffley Rd has been replaced. Your eagle-eyed tree spotter does not think it’s a beech, but would like to know what it is
Here’s to the kind of time you want between now and the New Year – all the best from us for more conviviality and less carbon!
Cheerio for now!

It's good to be connected. Get in touch about any of the above,

Best wishes,
The Low Carbon East Oxford Team

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