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From the President...

This past Tuesday we had a committee meeting and I encouraged our committee (and myself) of the need to "FINISH STRONG". We started into Season 2022 with the desire to rebuild after two COVID affected seasons, and we wanted to regain our sense of community and have a strong focus on our club values. In terms of numbers we are almost back to pre-COVID registration numbers and we have been blessed by new and returning families. The understanding of what it takes to run a volunteer-driven club has taken a little longer, however, I commend all of you for a great improvement in the willingness to "do your bit". We have had challenges in maintaining some of our values, especially when it comes to a behaviors on the field and even on the sidelines - this will always be a work-in-progress. So have we done enough to maybe take a breather? The answer is "NO".

We need the discipline to keep going and to finish what we started. This discipline is NOT a punishment, as is perceived by many young people today, but it is the virtue that is needed to train and compete effectively. The will or discipline of a player or person, can be seen in how he/she perseveres through tough times. These tough times may be a punishment or penalty for a misdemeanor, an injury or a mere slump in performance, but how we work through these things impacts how we finish. As a community we are here to support each other and to FINISH STRONG together, each of us may make mistakes from time to time and we may even let each other down, BUT let's not allow these times to rob us of the JOY OF COMMUNITY and TEAM WORK. So let's see step things up a notch and let's get to that finish line with a resounding GO ROYALS!

May I remind all of you to PLEASE do all you can to get behind our BIGFREEZE Event which will be held on Saturday 20 August at 10.30am.. Each team (Junior and Senior) will be asked to sign up and fundraise and to nominate one person to go down the slide!!! You will then be able to donate and support your team - the team with the highest amount fundraised will get a prize for teh whole team.

Also I would like to remind you to please check the growing collection of LOST PROPERTY - this will all be donated to charity at the end of the season.

Finally, would any of you like to join our committee for next season - please consider this as an awesome opportunity to invest into our community and to continue to grow our club. General Committee positions are only a 1 year commitment - PLEASE speak to me if you have any questions - We would love to have you on the TEAM.
I look forward to catching up with you around the club.


Johann Poppenbeck - President
0439 620 882 
We are holding our own BIG FREEZE event in support of FightMND on Saturday 20 August @ Knox Park at 11.00am...  You may join as a slider by clicking on JOIN TEAM or you may click on GIVE NOW to donate and encourage one of the sliders already registered as part of the KCSC EVENT.

We had a great event last year and we wish to be even better this year - so please consider joining and getting your friends and family to support you - it is also fairly self explanatory, but if you need any help please speak with Johann or Michael Vanderwal.


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Bendigo Bank - Boronia Branch is a valued club supporter and part of the KCSC Team - they are available and ready to assist with all your banking needs. Contact them today at 109 Boronia Road, Boronia or phone 9762 6499

It is a great time to return the support and have a Stanley Burger - many of our senior players will attest to the goodness.

The entire menu is available as takeaway or pickup (from Scoresby) - why not have one TONIGHT! Call (03) 9764 9999 or ORDER ONLINE✌🏼

One Hope Community Church is a strong and foundational supporter of our club, and a Christian church passionate about moving people in following Christ. Church services include contemporary worship, biblical teaching and prayer - KCSC members are warmly invited to join in the services which are held in the Student Centre of Scoresby Secondary College, Cavell Street, Scoresby...

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An old farmer lay dying in his home.  He had lived long and provided for his family well. The farm produced far more than the needs of his family and would go on doing so for many generations to come.
His one fear was that the farm would not succeed his husbandry because of the dull-witted attitudes of his three sons. Strong and healthy, they were, but none could agree on a single course of action and all three were constantly bickering and quarrelling with one another. He had tried many times to them, individually and together how foolish they were and how their livelihoods would be lost within a year of their inheritance if they could not simply agree on things and work together.
One day he called them to his room where he lay, exhausted by age and infirmity. Before his bed lay a bundle of sticks tied together to make a fagot.
Each son was instructed to take up the bundle and break it – and of course being powerful young men with strong physiques from working the farm all and every day of their lives smirked and took up the bundle. Each tried his hardest, driving himself to his limit in physical strength and, in vain, each failed the task miserably.
The farmer then instructed the eldest to untie the bundle and hand out sticks to his brothers and he then instructed the sons: “Now! Break them all stick-by-stick.”
This, of course they did easily.
The old farmer lay back and said: “My sons, by this test you can see that as long as you remain united you are strong enough to resist all your enemies. However; when you quarrel and are divided – you are easily destroyed”.
This lesson is echoed in Scripture in the Gospel of Matthew: “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”   Vv 19 & 20
Paul the Disciple expands on this message to the Corinthians; in that First Letter which contains the most perfect definition of Love ever committed to writing. In the 12th Chapter, immediately prior to his definition of Love, Paul writes:  “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink”.  Vv 12 & 13
In all of the examples above: The first a ‘Fable of Aesop’ and the second two from the Bible itself comes a simple admonition for us all. Seek the intelligent path and don’t dissent because it’s the cool thing to do or a way to sound clever. Be together, like-minded and strong in faith and there is little you cannot accomplish.
How often have we seen just that on the pitch, in real life, in defense of our very lives (my recent article about Long Tan – even the Romans; the pre-eminent power in Jesus’ lifetime. The greatest military machine the world had seen or would for many centuries to come. They were not, individually the best warriors in the world – far from it; but united together in their contuburnia, their century, their cohort they were virtually unstoppable. How often have we seen a bottom side beat a top of the table side because they stuck together and played as one.
This is why UNITY is one of our Values ant KCSC:     In UNITY is STRENGTH

Ineke (0409 160 558), Andrew F (0425 262 091) & John (0405 153 726)

Patience is the Virtue...

So many athletes and patients beat themselves up over small lapses and motivational dips in training and rehab. It’s OK to have these, particularly during times when work, study or family life take priority.
Its OK to have a training or rehab wobble......
Just get back to it before it completely disappears......
Don’t fight it, but try to limit how long it lasts......

The thing to avoid at all costs is the ”that's it - I'm done" phenomenon, where we let every aspect of our training and/or rehab fall apart. If training or rehab is sub-optimal, try to make sure your nutrition, sleep, recovery, general activity and other aspects stay on course, until life allows everything to go back to 'normal' again. We often can’t control the things that affect us, but we can control how we respond to these things.
Find something you didn’t quite understand or want to learn more about? Please drop me an email at
Be well! Stay Safe. Stay Healthy! Go KCSC 

Mohsin Khan - Sports Physiotherapist
Back In Motion - Wantirna South

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