Newsletter - September 2015
In this edition the AGM votes on the new executive, there's a coaching update, some upcoming races to take note of and we chat with Mark Huth of Parkrun - Chermside fame,

South Pine Striders

Newsletter - September 2015

Club Update

The club recently held its AGM and a number of new faces were elected to the club executive. Congratulations to Jerrod Smith who was voted in as the new club president and takes the reigns over from Stan Fetting. Yvonne Baylis will succeed Karen Brown as the new club treasurer and Rachel Bushell will replace Tony Banfield as club secretary. The management committee is made up of Michael Stark, Jason Croston, Bruce Clements, Mary Jackson, Mark Bertwistle and Nicole Van Gurp.

A reminder that all information about the various training sessions can be found on the Striders website. Training sessions are free for members and $5 per session for non members. A reminder that membership fees are due for the 15/16 financial year.  Fees were due 1 July and will ensure that your are covered until 30 June 2016.  It is essential that if you participate in coached club sessions, you are up to date, this ensures that you have insurance coverage should anything unforeseen happen.  If you are a first time member, contact someone on the committee or email me and I will arrange for you to have personally delivered your most awesome club polo shirt!

The club endeavors to keep everyone up to date and informed on what is happening, for users of facebook *like* the South Pine Striders Facebook page. Alternatively all essential club information is provided on the Striders Website and via this newsletter. For those not on facebook the website now has a Facebook tracker on the right hand side so everyone has access to this information.

The club historically has always been well represented at a couple of regional races towards the second half of the year. These are the Toowoomba Marathon Festival held on the 11th October and the Kurrawa 2 Duranbah race on the 13th December. A number of members have already expressed a desire to attend these events and members are encouraged to support these local races. As more information about possible transport options becomes available we will post this information onto the website and facebook.


Race Reports

Striders have been flashing the club colours far and wide this year both internationally, most recently Mary in Cambodia as well as around Australia including Sandy in our Red Centre.  Last month we had Jason, Peter and Jen all head South to participate in the City 2 Surf and they all did themselves and their club proud.  If you haven't read about it, follow the links over to the website.
Jens C2S - all about the numbers
Striders Hit the Surf

Striders are always looking for opportunities to give back to the community and along with manning water tables, lately we have had many take on the roles of pace runners at various events.  As someone who likes to tag along with a pace runner when the opportunity arises, I am one of those who appreciate the role they play.  Last month it was great to receive some feedback from a member of the community who was also very appreciative of their chosen pace runner.
Kudos to our pace Runners

Getting to know you - Mary (Head Coach for the Club)
Mary has been coaching us at Striders now for many years.  She brings a wealth or experience to the Club in the form of coaching but also in what she has learnt by participating in a variety of events.  It's about time we found out a little bit more about the person behind all those fun, challenging, PAINFUL sets we do all with the aim of self-improvement.

1. Favourite race distance participated in?
Definitely the marathon.  It's not too long, and not too short.

2. Favourite event participated in and why?
Ooh tough one.  Comrades is definitely top of the list, however for one this year I would say the Siem Reap marathon in Cambodia.  It's just a surreal event.  

3. How long have you been coaching for?
Just over 14 years (wow I sound old.... hang on.... I am old....) I started coaching a junior triathlon squad and the first session I coached ever was a run session.  I've been coaching running 1-2 sessions per week ever since then.  

4. Proudest sporting achievement?
For purely running, the Australian 24hr track championships in 2003. We ran around a 400m tartan track as many times as you could in the 24 hours.  Reaching 159km I was Queensland champion and Australian bronze medallist (not that too many were insane enough to do it).  Honestly any time I finish a race I'm really happy.  I've never dnf'd but I've definitely had to dig very deep at times to finish some of the races I've competed in.  

5. When you are not coaching / participating / providing support for others... What do you like to do with your "spare time"?
(Haha that's funny!).  Very funny... what spare time?  I'm passionate about Anti-Trafficking and especially seeing children rescued from this injustice.  I'm also passionate about health for children and communities in Cambodia so in my 'spare time' I work across those areas in different ways. 

6. Who would you most like to share a meal with and what would you talk about?  
Living it would be Wayne Bennett or Barrack Obama.  Dead it would be Robin Williams or Nelson Mandela.  We'd just talk life.

7. If you could give a Striders member one piece of advice, what would it be?
'Slow Down'.  I seem to need to say that a whole lot more than speed up. 

8. Favorite quote?
I have 2 :)  "If you want to run, run a mile, if you want to experience life then run a marathon" - Emil Zatopek, and "Don't take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway". Okay make that 3 "you are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" Christopher Robin

9. How long have you been running / triathlon - ing for?
(I love that word!).  A long time.  I would say 20 years this year.  Hmmm.  The good thing about running and tri's is the variety.  I've raced from 3km up to the marathon, 6 -12hr trail runs, 24hr track run and plenty of rogaines (similar to orienteering) from 6 hours up to 24 hours.  In tri's I've raced, short tri's, Olympic Distances, Ironman's, 24hr tri's, off road tri's and 24-48hr adventure races and everything in between.  I'm much better at distance than speed.   

10. Next sporting related goal for Mary (only if you're willing to say it out loud ;-p)? 
Again a good question.  I haven't really set one yet.  Just trying to get some run consistency up and going.  I do want to have another crack at Comrades, and run a few more marathons, and....

Coaching Update from Mary

Hi all,
The last few months have been very busy on the Striders calendars and I hope lots of you achieved your goals that you set out to do.  A massive well done to everyone who raced, no matter the distance as it doesn’t matter if your goal was 5km or 42.2km, what matters is that you finished it.  There are a few changes in coaching at Striders over the next few months and I just want to highlight a few things that the coaches are doing.

A few of the regular Striders have been interested in stepping up and coaching sessions, in essence giving back to the running community what they have learnt over the past few years.  Nic and Jerrod have been leading the Thursday morning sessions for the past few months and from September Chris Edwards will be leading for a few months.  This is a great opportunity for you to receive different ideas and thoughts about running, and for them to learn what it takes to program, coach and lead a session.  It also gives the regular coaches an opportunity to focus on their own running and gives them some back up options for when they are away.  I want to thank everyone that has been involved in coaching over the past 12 months and look forward to an exciting next 12 months.  
Tues 5 AM
No changes to that for the next few months.  That will continue to be taken by myself with Stan or Tony filling in when I am away.  This session is based at the lower carpark of Bullocky Rest and is a speed based session.  In the summer months we will add a bit of core strength / functional movement work into the session but the main focus will be around developing run speed.
Tues  7:30PM
No changes.  Starky will continue to lead that with a 3 week rotation of hill repeats, speed and a longer out and back run.  What it is will be on the calendar.
Thurs 5AM
This is a hill / strength session and as mentioned before Chris is taking this over from September.  The pattern for this is – 1st Thurs Clear Mountain (meet at the base just before 5am), 2nd Thurs – Bullocky Rest and heading to the 3 sisters when light enough to do so, 3rd Thursday School Road, 4th & 5th Thurs Bullocky Rest / 3 sisters.
Thurs 7:30 PM
Speed / Core session led by Tanya.  This session is focused on using good core strength to improve your power and therefore your speed.  Based at SPCC carpark, what you do changes each Thurs and if raining it goes undercover to the church hall.   Perfect for those who want to get involved in the Tough Mudder etc…
Sat 5AM
Long slow distance (LSD) run (low heartrate).  Meets at the corner of Lilly Rd and Sanderling drive ready to leave at 5am.  Usual run for 1-3 hours.  Go at your own pace and enjoy a coffee afterwards with the group.  The LSD run is a vital part of your training and fitness plan.  This is where your muscles and energy systems build and learn to adapt to training so you are able to adapt to the work required to make you faster.  In short “to run fast one must first learn to run slow”.  The distance depends on what you are training for.  The speed though is slow.  If you can’t hold a comfortable conversation with the person running with you then you are going too fast.  Slow It Down.
We were also discussing ways to combine the morning and evening run groups on a regular basis so we all got to meet each other and also meet others in our local area who may be interested in joining Striders.  We thought we would trial attending a Park Run on the 1st Saturday of each month.  We will vary the venue for this and it can be either your whole Saturday run, or a part of it.  The first one is this Saturday 5th September and we have chosen Warner Park Run to do.  Just turn up as usual with your barcode ready to run.  We will develop this over the next few months.  If you have any ideas please let us know.

Very  shortly we will have a calendar up on the Striders home web page which will tell you who is taking what session, where it is and other important events till the end of the year.  Keep an eye on this so you know what is coming up.  We will only put a few races on it though and mostly have training and information sessions marked on it.  There are so many races now on the calendar that it would be impossible to keep up with all of them so you can look them up and find one you want to do. 
There is a new Adult Pre-exercise screening tool available and we are hoping to get all adult Striders who are participating in sessions to fill it out. It is a screening tool validated by Sports Medicine Australia and Fitness Australia and determines what level you can train at safely.  It also helps us determine if we need a clearance letter from your GP before we can let you participate in the harder sessions.  We are always concerned about your health and well being (heck that is why we run) so we want to make sure we are looking out for you at all times.  This will never replace though your responsibility to tell the coach about any issues or concerns that may be affected by a session you are about to participate in.  
 link to the pre exercise screening tool

Inspirational quote

  "The fitter you are, the more careful you must be in training. Too often, the engine breaks the chassis. Respect the chassis." Greg McMillian


The #extramile went on the road this month and tracked down the amazing Mark Huth, striders member and now brand new event director of  the just christianed Chermside parkrun.

Thanks for the opportunity to chat, and first off congratulations for getting Chermside Parkrun off the ground what an amazing achievement! When I first heard about your plan to start a Parkrun at Chermside and become an event Director I was immediately fascinated by the story. I was keen to know more about what goes into starting an event like this and the commitment required of being an event director. Firstly when did you first become aware of Parkrun and what were your initial impressions?

MH: My first exposure was at Sandgate Parkrun, and I loved it,I fell in love with it straight away. It's a lovely spot out there at Sandgate for Parkrun. Heaps of people. That was July 2013, so two years ago and I've hardly missed a week since. It's wonderful, you get a time and you can track your history. Then I learnt there were other parkruns, there was one at Mitchelton, so I started going their, after that I discovered Bunya and North lakes. I started making some friends, meeting up with people every week, you can have a chat after the run and then see them again next week.

Parkrun has grown over the last decade to become a world wide phenomenon, from its humble beginnings at Bushy park in London UK in 2004 to its launch in Australia at Main Beach parkrun in 2011. What is it about parkrun that makes it so successful? I think at latest count there are 132 parkruns across Australia with well over 600 worldwide.

MH: Its different things to different people, everyone gets something out of it. If you're an existing athlete its great for practice. You get a weekly session, a weekly 5km that you can check your times, judge your fitness. For other people it may be just about getting fit, for some people it maybe their first experience for doing some physical activity and trying to reach a fitness goal, and there is no barriers to participating either.  It's so easy to get involved and its hard to come up with excuses why you cannot show up to a parkrun each week. It doesn't cost any money, its every week, so if you don't have the time this week there's always next week, so it's reliable, it's only 5km, so you don't have to be particularly fit to do it. Anyone who is completely unfit can still walk 5km and they can build up from there. You can walk your dog, you can bring your kids in the pram. Everyone's welcome, and it's very inclusive, people meet up and make friend, and running groups have form and built around parkrun. For me its about doing a 5km run each weekend and checking my time and trying to improve.

Do think social media has helped the success of parkrun?

MH: Definitely, people love to see their photos on facebook, parkrun has done a good job at tieing social media in with the event
You have obviously run quite a few parkruns looking through some of your stats you're in the 80s what was the catalyst to take the leap from being runner and volunteer to attempting to get a new parkrun off the ground?

MH: I've done a bit of volunteering, but definitely ignorance was involved, and I didn't quite know what I was getting myself in for. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Perhaps it is a bit like starting a business? You're very naive when you start out and often 12months down the line you start to think if I knew then what I know now you may never have started?

MH: Very true, the week before the launch, if I had known all the things I had to do, I may never have started. Probably the main reason was I have always thought they needed an extra parkrun on the Northside somewhere. There was Sandgate and Mitchleton and the numbers there were getting quite big. One day at the start of the year I was down here (7th Brigade park) with my family and thought this looks pretty good, so I walked the track, and with the Kidspace nearby thought this looks pretty good for a parkrun. So I emailed Tim Oberg (managing director of parkrun Australia), and said, Hey! has anyone thought about starting a parkrun at Chermside? Not thinking i'd be the one starting it, but thinking somebody else might be interested, seeding the idea with them, as this would be a great spot. He of course sent an email back saying, that's a great idea Mark, here's what you do to start a parkrun, and here's a couple of other people that have also expressed interest in starting one at Chermside. So i got in contact with the other people.

Are they still involved?

Yes one of the ladies was here this morning, and one of the other guys is overseas at the moment, but he'll be back soon. Initially there wasn't much to do, it was just a matter of waiting for funding. That's why it took a long time to get it started.

And how much do you need to raise?

Parkrun ask for $5000, and that's to cover for equipment and insurance, plus there's other cost behind the scenes, website maintenance and some employees that are involved. So that took a while to raise, councils are the best place to ask for support, unfortunately they had already allocated their budget for that financial year. So we had to wait until July until some more money became available. So it wasn't really until July that we had the funding coming in, so then we were able to raise the money and get it started. We had to get council approval to use the park, we had to approach them to see if it was ok. They were a little hesitate, as it is used a fair bit for other events. Then you have to get the course approved by another event director, so Dean and Vanessa (sandgate parkrun) came out one morning and walked the course, and said it looked great. It has all the facilities and meets all the parkrun standards. So once you have those three things, the money, the council approval and parkrun approval you're ready to go.

So outlining the course it's an out and back course?

MH: Yes that's right, and I might add all the decisions on the course were made for convenience. Speaking to other event directors one of the things they kept saying was keep it simple! You don't want to create extra work for yourself by making it too complicated, because you'll need extra Marshall's etc. So it's a simple out and back course, the start and finish are in the same spot, which was important advice we were given. We're lucky there's a nice big kids playground here, if one parent wants to go for a run the other one can stay here and look after the kids. In summer it won't be too bad, it's shady, there's water taps here, there are toliets so we have pretty much everything. Chermside shopping centre is only a short walk away with heaps of parking and coffee shops

So what was your greatest fear about setting things up, and can I ask what was your family's opinion on it, were they happy?

They have been very supportive, because they know I'm crazy about parkrun, so i'd be doing it every Saturday anyway, they know I'm always occupied on a Saturday morning doing a parkrun and looking at results after-wards. So they know it is part of my routine.

So you're a parkrun addict?

MH: Yes pretty much, I've hardly missed a week, since starting up. My greatest fears? In the beginning there wasn't any, ignorance is bliss in the beginning. If I did this interview a week ago, it would've been parkrun was at risk of taking over my life! Things were taking up so much time, learning to use the equipment, learning to use the software, there are facebook updates, approaching businesses etc. But this week has been much better, much more relaxed, we're got everything in place now. We've got all the equipment, I know how to use it, we've got one successful run under our belt, so this week was a lot better in terms of time, and it will become a lot more routine, so it won't be so bad. I guess my greatest fear at the moment is, because it's early just getting volunteers for each week. Parkruns like Sandgate have a well established community around them so they have plenty of people they can call on for help and plenty of regulars. We're just a new parkrun and trying to built the community at the moment. Getting the volunteers each week is something you need to have each week, you can't have your parkrun without your volunteers. So hopefully I can build a community
So looking ahead what would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

MH: I think just getting that community established, something like Sandgate or Mitchelton where they have their regulars each week. If we have something like that in 12 month where we have our regulars and our regular volunteers and a nice little community built around that and people know each other that would be great. Where everyone is very supportive and encouraging to each other.

This is a great location so I'm sure you'll get the numbers

MH: So that's what i'd like in 12 months, maybe an extra couple of run directors, but we'll pick them up along the way.

 So most other parkruns have more than one run director?

MH: Yes definitely, they pick them up, I'm happy to do it for the first couple of months and have made that commitment, but a rotation system would be nice so you're not doing it every week, and you can go for a run.

MH: Its all new and its a good experience.

Many thanks for your time, I'm sure many Striders will love reading your story and hopefully some will get involved and offer their assistance. Congratulations once again!

Sent in via Chris Edwards


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Glasshouse 100 - 12 Sep  

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