Newsletter - December 2015
In this edition, EXCITING CLUB NEWS a call for help, K2D and Gold Coast Marathon Registrations open!

South Pine Striders

Newsletter - December 2015

Club Update


For those members who may not be aware, one of the goals of the Committee this year was to find South Pine Striders a new and more permanent home that was able to provide a safe environment to cope with the expansion in numbers that we have seen over the years.  As a result of meetings with Council we have been able to negotiate a fantastic new venue to trial as our new home.  This venue is able to provide an area away from traffic, with toilets, parking, water and many options to provide variation in training.  A date has not yet been confirmed for the first session to take place as there as still a few outstanding administrative issues for us to take care of but this email is just to share the exciting news with members. So...... (yes, Im teasing....) WHERE IS IT????

Drum roll.... (yep, still teasing....)
Sergeants Reserve
Drapers Road, Eatons Hill

At this stage the venue will be trialed for a period of time by the evening group but Council are very keen to work with South Pine Striders to help with improvements on location to make us more at home.  Help such as installation of permanent lighting and the possibly a shed, to mention a few.
So, this is great news.... stay tuned for updates regarding dates in the very near future. -



Next item of business.... we are looking for any members out there who have an interest and desire to share their enthusiasm for running with other club members.  Yep, we are looking for coaches.  You can be fast or slow, like to race or run for recreation, it doesn't matter.  What matters is that you are keen to learn and willing to share what you learn.  We can send you along to a course to become a Level 1 Community Athletics Coach and under the guidance of our current coaches and their vast experience you will be able to join the crew and be one of the "cool kids" (I think our coaches are pretty cool anyway)!
So, if this sounds like you, speak to one of the coaches the next time you are at a session and they can let you know the details.

Another word on coaching.  As of mid December we will see a change on Tuesday mornings for a period.  I'm sorry to pass on that Mary has decided to step down from her position as Director of Coaching and from the Striders Management Team; but we are fortunate that after a well deserved break she will return to continue as a coach for the Tuesday morning group.  I would like to thank Mary on behalf of the Committee and Club Members, for her time, tireless encouragement  of others, and dedication to her positions as Director of Coaching and on the management team over the many years that she has served the Club.  It is not good bye though, thankfully we will still be able to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings to us all.  All of our Club coaches are there on a voluntary basis and the time and dedication they put in to ensure that we all have a safe and supervised session each time we train is greatly appreciated.  

Christmas and New Year is the time for a break though, so there will be no formal coached sessions between Christmas and New Year.  


Last year we were fortunate enough to received some community grants and purchase our whiz bang fancy Club Trailer.  It has had a few outings since its unveiling but now its time to start getting serious about showing it off.  What we would like is anyone who feels they may be able to help with participating in a roster of sorts to get the trailer out to events, to contact our newly appointed "Volunteer Manager" Jason Croston who will discuss your availability to help when the opportunity arises. If this sounds like you, please email me and I will pass your details on to Jason, or speak to him (if you can catch him) at the next training session.


Kurrawa to Duranbah, K2D, the Gold Coast 50 or however which way you wish to spin it is here again and has become one of the key races on the Striders calendar. Strange! as it is run in December and will likely be blisteringly hot. Some intra-club rivalry has ebbed into the build up over recent weeks, but the race is attractive simply because it brings the club together as a group for one final time at years end. The format is unique (15, 30, 2x25 or 50) with the relay providing a change to the usual solo effort. It's well organised and there's the chance to dispense with the shoes and throw the weary body into the pacific when it's all over. Sand between the toes, a few well earned ales in beautiful surrounds at the end of hard run... pure bliss!

Last year was somewhat of a reprieve with milder conditions, cloudy and a few showers. The return of El Niño will likely put an end to such luck, so be sure to prepare for the hot conditions, especially if you're on the return leg. The down runners have, in recent days been scrambling for a valid defense to pardon their decision to run first in the relative cool. Be that age (young or old), logistically compromised or whatever, they are coming thick and fast. To those on the return leg can I offer a sliver of optimism, the humidity can drop considerably by the start of the return leg (2013 – 94% down, 54 % up) as the temperature climbs (2013 – 8 degrees warmer, ouch!, on the return leg). Of course your partner will be eager to return the favor and do the 2nd leg next year, as we all know you have never really done K2D until you have run down and back, which probably means doing the 50 km, but it's a start! 

So whatever your poison, heat or humidity, it's sure to be a blast. The club has secured a tent and an esky (for beers not bodies!) for entering the club challenge and getting the minimum of 10 starters, so great work everyone! For all runners regardless of event it would be great to meet at the start before 5 to watch the 50k and relay runners head off at 5 sharp, the 30k runners at 5:15 and 15k at 5:30. The logistics of carpooling can be worked out and a plan put in place to get our down runners back to the start. After the start for those heading towards Duranbah it's a good idea to watch and cheer the runners on the course, eg. stopping at Burleigh heads and watching them come through. 

The event is well supported with drinks tables and marshals, but it is wise to read through all the info on the K2D website (including the map). As they say all you need is a plan, a road map and the courage to reach your destination... Good Luck ! - Chris

As we all wind down a bit heading into Christmas and holidays, this is a great time to rest and recharge before the new year starts.  Its also a great time to start thinking about goals for the new year.  If any of the events at the Gold Coast are on your radar for 2016, we all know that committing and telling people about it is a great way to keep you motivated towards your goal.  Registration for the Gold Coast events which include the Junior events, 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon opens on December 8 (which is REAL soon!) and we would love to make next year the biggest for representation of the Club along the Broadwater Parklands.
So.... 8 December logon and register.... Details as follows:
Enter here
Team Name: South Pine Striders
Pin: SPS
Come on.... you know you want to!



Upcoming Races

Kurrawa 2 Duranbah - 13 Dec
Resolution Run - 10 January 2016
Twilight Running Festival - 20 March 2016

Striders Team

Jerrod Smith President (Coach/Committee)
Rachel Bushell Secretary (Committee)
Mary Jackson (Coach)
Yvonne Baylis - Treasurer (Committee)
Michael Stark - (Coach/Committee)
Tanya Wehl - (Coach)
Angus Martin - (Coach)
Nicole Van Gurp - (Coach/Committee)
Stan Fetting - (Coach)
Chris Edwards - (Coach)

Bruce Clements (Grants/Committee)
Jason Croston (Committee)
Mark Bertwistle (Committee)

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