Newsletter - #2 July 2015
In this edition we provide some useful club information, the club has reached a milestone, Dacky reviews J2J, we get to know Jason Croston, Deeks provides some inspiration and introducing the extra mile.

South Pine Striders

Newsletter #2 July

Club Update

Reminder to all that this Wednesday 29 July at 7:45pm is the South Pine Striders Annual General Meeting.  This is your chance to come along, have a say and even nominate yourself to take a position on the Committee.  Any member that is financial is able to nominate for a position.  President, Secretary, and Treasurer are all up for re-election as well as general committee members.  Our club is as good as its members, we would love to hear your ideas and everyone should have a voice.
On that note.... membership fees are due for the 15/16 financial year.  Fees were due 1 July and will ensure that your are covered until 30 June 2016.  It is essential that if you participate in coached club sessions, you are up to date as this ensures that you have insurance coverage should anything unforeseen happen.  If you are not up to date with your fees, you will be presented with a form (a waiver) and asked to read and sign it at the start of every session you attend as well as being asked to contribute a casual coaching fee.  Sounds like a pain hey!  Easy fixed, follow the link and then follow the bouncing ball.  Best $50 you will ever spend.  And if you are a first time member, contact someone on the committee or email me and I will arrange for you to have personally delivered your most awesome club polo shirt!

On the topic of new members, we have seen a big influx of new members over the last few months which is great to see.  If anyone is in need of a club race kit (singlet and shorts) these are also available for purchase.  Contact a committee member or again, email myself and we can sort you out.  If you are not in club kit.... we can't cheer for you when you race :-)

10 Year Anniversary

We have reached or 10 year anniversary as a club. We began with a small group of people in the cold dark winter of 2005 and now in our tenth year we have grown to the club that we are. We've grown thanks to the contribution of people who have given selflessly of their time, passion and skills. As we approach the AGM I would like to note the contribution of two particular Striders: Tony Banfield (outgoing Secretary) and Karen Brown (outgoing Treasurer).

Tony is one of our club 'shepherds' guiding and leading runners and making sure people make it back. Many in the club have been touched by his coaching and encouragement. Karen has provided a steady and competent hand looking after our finances and hands over a set of books that are healthy and primed for a great future.

This next year we would like to grow further as a club and finally stage our own annual race to give back to the running community which serves us so well through providing regular races for us to enjoy. Our increased funding is allowing us to blood new coaches to share the load.

I encourage you to be at our AGM and be part of our decision making process as we elect our new 2015/2016 management team and office holders.

Stan Fetting - President

Race Reports

Our most recent report comes from Paul "Dacky" Dack who recently competed in the Jetty2Jetty.

- Jetty to Jetty is a fine running festival around the Redcliffe Penninsula from Woody Point to Scarborough and back, along the foreshore. It has the unfortunate position on the running calendar of falling two weeks after the Gold Coast Marathon Festival and therefore suffers in terms of numbers. As a result there were only a small contingent of Striders across the 10km and Half Marathon events, along with a fair few RTC members. The Striders also had two water stations along the course, which were well manned and very vocal. I joined a gaggle of RTC members as a pacer for the Half Marathon and found myself more nervous than I can remember for any running race. The morning was 'fresh' with the promise of a generous wind chill as the morning progressed. The 'out' to Scarborough was a beautiful run and a lovely prelude for the turn, and into the breeze heading back to Woody Point. The breeze gradually strengthened and made for a more challenging 'back', with a nice kicker of a hill towards the end, cheered on by the well wrapped up Striders. Congratulations to all competitors and volunteers, particularly those who donned the fancy dress, particularly Jennifer, who, to be fair, scared me! As footnote, if anyone has considered pacing, give it a go, it was incredibly rewarding and I'll be putting my hand up again, for sure. -

In addition to the J2J the last few months has seen a host of runners donning the mighty green and white and representing the Striders in races across Brisbane, interstate and overseas.
From May to July just some of the races Striders have taken part in include

Ironman Australia (Port Macquarie)
Des Vins De Blaye Marathon (Bordeaux, France)
Noosa Multi sports running festival
Mother's Day classic
Pine Rivers Fun Run
QLD Half Marathon
City 2 South
Oxfam 100km
Comrades Marathon (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
The North Face 100 (Blue Mountains)
Gold Coast Marathon
Jetty 2 Jetty
Flinders' Tour (Glasshouse Mountains Trails)
Australian Outback Marathon

Some of the previous race reports have been linked above and are available via the Striders website. If you have competed in an event as an individual or group we'd love to hear from you, big or small, long or short, tell us your story. Your experience may just inspire one of your club mates to take up the challenge.

Getting to know Jason Croston

1. When did you first run with the South Pine Striders?
A bit over 2 years ago.
2. Which training sessions do you usually attend?
Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
3. What is your favorite race distance?
Not sure if I have a favourite because they are all good in their own way but I suppose I’ll say marathon because that has been my main focus for the last 2 years.

4. Proudest sports achievement to date?
Apart from my first footy try when I was 6 I would have to say pushing through to finish my first marathon a couple of days after I turned 40.
5. What do you like to do when you are not running?

Hanging out with my family and travelling to explore new places.
6. My sporting hero is.......?
When I was a kid it was Mal Meninga in winter and Allan Border in summer.  These days I think that anyone getting out there giving their best with a great attitude whether they are professional or an everyday punter is a sporting hero.
7. Who would you most like to share a meal with and what question would you most like to ask them?
Jerry Seinfeld.  Can you pass the salt?
8. My goal for 2015 is.....?
It was to complete a marathon in under 3:10 and it still is…
9. If you were running in the SUPERHERO Marathon, who would you dress up as?
The Flash
10. Favorite quote?
As you think so shall
you become – Bruce Lee


Inspirational quote

This one comes direct from one of the greats, if you missed it this is Robert De Castella speaking at the start of this year's Gold Coast Marathon. Passion at its best and really gets to the heart of why we run.

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Still waters run deep.

My legs are cactus. A deep muscular unease that has stuck with me for weeks since the marathon. But that’s to be expected, so I have been enjoying a little running hiatus.  It’s important to take time to reconnect with friends and family after a big race.

Plus! the extra time has given me a chance to explore the new donut shops that are cropping up all over town. This much maligned, and Homer J Simpson stigmatised treat is back. The era of the cupcake has ended (petite, fancy, high-born) and given way to the year of the donut (unassuming, warm-hearted, blue-collar). My favourite at the moment is the selection from the boyz at westend. No doubt a passing fad. But I'm easily led.

This respite has also given me time to reflect on my training and lessons learnt. A recent “easy” run with striders oracle and team mate TB reminded me of an important one I’ve learnt this year. The oracle spoke of fluidity and motion and in doing so inspired the title of this post. If I learnt one lesson this season it’s to master relaxation. Easier said than done. Often lessons are taught and re-taught but I gain no deeper knowledge of myself. Consciously though I think I'm getting this one figured out. Run faster not harder. No thoughts. Fast and relaxed, not hard and tensed. Avoid the shallow waters, turbulent and white. Stay calm, go deep, go dark, and embrace the flow.

Coach Mary excels at promoting this philosophy, reminding her runners of pacing and not to try and beat the workout. After all I haven’t seen too many 800m repeat events on the calendar. Focus first on the motion and the speed will come. I’ve always been slow on the uptake but good coaches get you in the end. Like osmosis the theories do eventually seep in. Many elite athletes when speaking of their best performances talk of how relaxed they felt in the moment. Some even remarked on how surprised they were to break a world record. Michael Phelps said “ to race well I need to be relaxed and have fun”. Difficult when so much effort has been put into training and getting to the start line. Probably then a good idea to practice some of this “relaxed fast” running during training? …No?
My first planned workout post marathon was 6 x mile which I executed with all the grace of an unbalanced washing machine. The turbulence was back and lacking flow. Tension in my shoulders dragging I completed 2 miles. Quickly 6 repeats were cut to 5, thoughts drifting to work and busy commutes. 3 miles done my slowest yet. My calves tight and woody.
Then something snapped I remembered my lessons, I started to reel back in the calm, as the tension would rise I let it fall back again. Every time I relaxed I sped up. 4 miles done my fastest yet, and like any good grafter I quickly cashed my chips. 5 became 4…. Leave on a high and a smile, mastering relaxation is hard but I'll take it when you can get it.


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Striders Team

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Mary Jackson Director of Coaching (Morning coach)
Karen Brown - Treasurer
Michael Stark - (Night coach)
Tanya Wehl - (Night Coach)
Angus Martin - (Coach)
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