3 fabulous ways to get smarter about tech
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Get Smarter at Tech

This issue I'm presenting three high-quality resources to help you become more skilled and comfortable with tech. I recommend these resources particularly because they are friendly to beginners while having immediate impact on your online efficiency and tech literacy.

Digital Inspiration blog

Digital Inspiration blog
: What I love about the posts and tutorials: They assume nothing about your prior knowledge, and they cover fundamental tools. Here are three examples of posts that could immediately help you: If you'd like to subscribe to the blog via e-mail, click here.

Hubspot blog
While this blog is geared to the more business-minded, Hubspot offers fabulous content on how to maximize your online presence and marketing. If you've ever been confused by site analytics, or unsure how to best use social media, you'll love Hubspot's clear instruction.

Three example posts:
OK, this one necessitates opening up your wallet, but it's so worth it if you need to learn a new tech skill or software. Lynda offers an enormous library of step-by-step videos and tutorials covering just about every media software or tool in existence, including Wordpress, Photoshop, Light Room, iMovie, all the social media sites, and more. Click here to check it out. (Cost: $27/month.)

Bonus: Codecademy. It's my new mantra: Learn a little coding, and you'll feel more empowered when you're working online, even if you never write a line of code. Codecademy makes it fun. Give it a shot.

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