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I Love Great Curators. Are You One?

I'll always remember this post by Andrew Savikas, "Content Is a Service Business." Even though it's from 2009, the concept is as true as ever. He stresses that you don't get an "A" just for the effort of providing content. It has to be worth paying for; it has to provide a valuable service.

The concept is so simple that it seems perfectly obvious, but we forget it every day. 

What does this have to do with curation? Curation is one of the most valuable services you can provide in a world flooded with information. For a fabulous article elaborating on this idea, see "Accessibility vs. Access: How the Rhetoric of 'Rare' Is Changing in the Age of Information Abundance."

Examples of curation? And this newsletter is an act of curation! This week I bring you three excellent tools for curating your own stuff in special formats.


Storify is a free, online tool that allows you to curate social media. Let's say you attend an event, and you want to round-up the very best things that were posted, tweeted, photographed, video-captured or otherwise shared via social media. Storify allows you to cherry pick whatever you like, organize it, add your own commentary, and post it in a very beautiful way. Here's an example of a Storify post from the Seattle Times.

If you're on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus, you can start curating with in less than 60 seconds! can work on an automated basis (selecting the most relevant or popular content from your social media streams), or you can direct it with a firm hand. Here are some of the options:

What I most love about is how it automatically generates a daily online "newspaper" of content that you've already curated. Click here to see my "Best Tweets for Writers" Daily Newspaper. Remember, I didn't have to do a thing for this to be created aside from curate the initial Twitter list; does the rest. is one of the newest curation tools on the scene. It's kind of like a cross between and Storify. Like Storify, requires you to actively cherry pick content. However, it acts more like in presenting a magazine or newspaper style digest of what you've selected. I don't use it myself (I prefer's hands-off automation for now), but for someone who wants the look & style of, but with more hands on control, this is your solution!

Are there other curation tools you use and love? Feel free to reply to this newsletter with your two cents!

Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this issue of Electric Speed. If it was helpful for you, the best thanks of all is sharing this newsletter on your favorite social network.

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