Circus as an Ed​ucational
and Therapeutic Tool

Thank you for showing interest in circus as an educational and therapeutic tool. In response to interest following the recent NowThis video , we are offering a two day intensive training February 4th and 5th, 2017.

Holistic Circus Therapy and The Muse would like to invite you to join our community of people using circus as an educational and therapeutic tool for marginalized populations as well as people with learning differences and special needs.

Winter Session 
Two consecutive day training:
Saturday February 4th, 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday February 5th, 9:00am-5:00pm


Location: The Muse Brooklyn 350 Moffat st. Brooklyn NY 11237 

 The two day intensive training is suitable for educators, parents, circus trainers and therapists. Participants will leave with theoretical and practical skills to enable them to incorporate circus as a social, emotional, physical, and cognitive capacity building tool for individuals and communities.

No prior circus or university experience necessary. 

 Learning Objectives:

  1. 1. Understanding and utilizing The Accessible Circus Paradigm.
  2. 2. Occupational Therapy Theory and Practices: Grading tasks, client - centeredness, assessment, intervention, and goal attainment.
  3. 3. Examining and applying instruction for the purpose of increasing social, emotional, physical, and cognitive capacities.
  4. 4. Teaching to different learning styles.
  5. 5. Sensory processing, visual perception, gross and fine motor control, and executive functions.
  6. 6. Working with individuals on the autism spectrum.
  7. 7. Strategies for using adaptive circus equipment and instruction.
  8. 8. Safety of staff and participants.
  9. 9. Individual and group focused instruction.

10. Planning and evaluating a workshop.

 DAY 1.  Circus as a tool to increase the acquisition of life skills, individual, and community health
The first day will provide you with essential knowledge about life skills education and functional capacities including; social, emotional, physical, and cognitive components. The experiential learning includes occupational therapy theory, practical applications for multiple populations, individual and group focused activities. You will be able to define, explain, and discuss sensory processing differences, motor control, executive functions, and how to facilitate a circus experience to increase participation and functional capacity of individuals and communities.


DAY 2. Circus for All: Adaptive Instruction and Adaptive Equipment
The second day of the training will enable participants to utilize the knowledge gained in day one with additional tools of adaptive instruction and adaptive equipment for people with variations in functional capacity and learning styles. We will experience instruction and application of circus as an educational and therapeutic tool, planning and executing our own unique circus-based sessions with case studies.

The 2 day training will leave participants certified by Holistic Circus Therapy (HCT) in teaching circus to people with learning differences and special needs

What do former participants think?

"Working, learning, and growing with (HCT) was one of the best life experiences I've had to date and one which has deeply impacted my approach to body movement, health, healing, connection, and education of myself and those I work and play with! " - Rachel Rubin, Circus and Yoga teacher, Sparks Circus, Seattle Washington

"Awesome workshop filled with lots of theory, practical examples and discussion on how circus can be used as therapy for people with special needs. Loved it. It was a great opportunity to learn and share skills and ideas with a range of people including Ot's, circus people, parents, and teachers. Jill is a great presenter. She is very informative and makes it fun.
" Rebecca Mackay, Special Education Teacher, ACT, Australia

"A new and different approach to therapy and a fun way to engage children and adults to a different kind of physical exercise. As a parent, I have seen first hand the improvements in 2 of my children from learning juggling and circus therapy. After attending Jill's workshop, I instituted a program with children with cerebral palsy, and it was the most popular group event with the highest attendance. The kids really loved it. Jill is a great presenter with loads of ideas. I was so inspired."-  Amanda Mac, Allied Health Professional, Melbourne, Australia
Fees and Special Offers for the Two Day Training:
*300 per person if registered by January 5th
*350 per person registered after January 5th

*Spaces are limited. Secure your spot. Register HERE

For all other information relating to training content please contact Jill Maglio at


*HCT is a social enterprise that puts 100% of profits toward Circus for Social Change run by CircusAid. 

In 2016, CircusAid facilitated circus camps for refugees in Lesvos, Greece and Calais, France.

CircusAid: The Resettlement Crisis 2016 

CircusAid in the Calais Jungle 2016 

Your participation in this training does not only give you skills, but it also helps us bring circus to people displaced by the atrocities of war. In 2017 we will be providing circus camps for children and adults in refugee camps in Greece and Italy.

The UNHCR report states that the projected number of people in need of resettlement in 2017 will pass 1.19 million. Syrians are projected to account for 40 per cent of needs, followed by Sudan (11 per cent), Afghanistan (10 per cent) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (9 per cent). 

We love to collaborate! If you are inspired by circus for social change and would like to know more about CircusAid please stay connected with us here:


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Jill Maglio MS OTR/L
Holistic Circus Therapy