End-of-year fundraising and new features for Bellstrike
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Fundraising Facts & Bellstrike Goodies 

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The "Ask"

Did you know that 33% of all donations to nonprofits come in the month of December?  If you haven't gotten your December online fundraising into gear yet, don't fret - half of those donations come in 6 days after Christmas!  After all, everyone is in the holiday spirit and trying to make plans for those last minute tax deductions. 

There's never a better time than now to work hard for online donations.  Studies have shown that donors are much more prone to give if they've specifically been asked to do so by someone they know.  So, whether it's through email, Facebook, and end-of-year newsletter, Twitter, a blog post, or a face-to-face meeting, make sure that you make the "Ask".

Website Goodies

We've also been hard at work in December trying to make Bellstrike a better experience for you and your donors.  Here are a few things we've added:

Custom Web Addresses - you can now use your own domain name instead of your Bellstrike web address.  Learn More

Improved Checkout Process - now your donors never have to leave your site to go to WePay when they make a donation.  Learn More

Custom CSS - if you're a web designer with CSS knowledge, you can truly customize your Bellstrike website's design.  Learn More

Awesome Feedback

As always, we love hearing your suggestions on how we can make Bellstrike better, so feel free to reply to this email with any feedback you may have. 

Happy Fundraising!

Dodd Caldwell

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