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ATMann’s February Leo Full Moon Astrology Newsletter

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The 9 February Leo Full Moon happened at 02:33AM EST and is an interesting one as only the Leo Moon and North Moon’s Node in Cancer (both emotional positions) are above the horizon in the conscious half of the chart, while all the other planets occupy the bottom half first five houses, echoing the times of childhood, and maybe bringing about a kind of regression, although not necessarily a problematic time at all. And it is also of interest that all planets are in direct motion for another nine days, until Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, the sign opposite to its ruling, exalted and natural sign Virgo, which probably indicates that our analytical powers are not likely to be at their best, and I have a funny feeling that it is in the air. Mercury retro introduces a backward sense, and being in the reflective Pisces shows that it isn’t a forward-looking time at all, and therefore not necessarily a time for progressive values, but at the same time we do have eight days to get things straight, so focus upon that.

The Full Moon features the Aquarius Sun opposite the Leo Moon, which generally shows that there is a major contrast between individuality and the conditional optimism and creative potential of Leo is contrary to the collective solar idealism and abstraction of Aquarius, which can lead us to more manifestations of our deeper being, or create a kind of collision between them. You can see from the shape of the chart, where many aspect lines almost spray their energies towards the Moon, which is usually a good indicator of the natural flow of creativity toward the self, and the shape also has a kind of symmetry, which means there is potential balance in the air, if only we can initiate it relatively quickly. That so many planets are in the unconscious realm below the horizon shows that things are arising from within us, and wanting to come into manifestation above the horizon.

Of course, at the same time we are still haunted by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the heavy-handed and controlling Capricorn, which shows an overall sense of depression despite positive economic signs, but chaos lies just at the edge of our awareness, and few feel a real sense of freedom. Indeed, some feel an increasing sense of being controlled in many ways. It does make a difference that the optimistic and positive Jupiter is coming closer to the conjunction this summer, as the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn signifies a time of patience in general and personally. Jupiter is in a soft sextile with the mystical Neptune, showing that boundaries are softer and more fluid, making protection more important for some. There is also an instability that warns us of our weaknesses, as well as a signal of our higher awareness potential, and the two may fluctuate easily and quickly.

As we have seen, Mercury in Pisces shows difficulties verifying our insights and information from the outside world and shows us that we should find solid ground before it goes retrograde in a week. There certainly is an etheric quality to what we used to call reality now, and it becomes essential that we cross-check all information we value. 

And since the luminaries in the Full Moon axis at 20˚ Leo/Aquarius are really the core of the chart, we can also see that almost all the planets have aspects sloping toward that axis, which indicates that the polarization is quite integrated and almost looks like a trolling net, gathering the planets in a particular direction. This could be construed to mean that as they come together at the Leo end, that the focus is upon individuality, rather than a more Aquarian collective stream of influences. It is fascinating that in this case, the axis of the North and South Nodes are at a semi-square aspect angle to the Full Moon luminary axis. Popular opinion is highly split at the moment (as though we didn’t know that), and there are all kinds of conditions that accompany this dynamic split, and its mechanism is a very difficult one to bridge.

In the same way that the sol-lunar axis has its aspects, so does the Nodal axis. Venus has just moved into the energetic and proactive Aries, in conjunction with the storyteller of our woundedness Chiron, shows the possibility of unusual and electric relationships emerging without precedent or warning, which change our perspectives instantly, and also have the potential to shift our aesthetic sensibilities just as quickly. These encounters can shift us off center, but ultimately transform our views of certain relationships and potential integrations, even those from our immediate past. It is like a loving wound penetrating deeply into our fate, and often indeed it feels like those we meet at this time have been known to us decades or lifetimes ago.
This is even the case as the aforementioned conjunction is also semi-sextile to the resonant planet Uranus, a Promethean energy that brings us into contact with godly energies that connect us to our core. Unexpected meetings with unusual people bring shifts and as this happens in the sign Taurus, creative events and meetings trigger deeper understandings of our own inner nature.
Which in turn Uranus connects to via a loose trine aspect with the energetic and forceful Mars in late Sagittarius, and this allows us to open to foreign and unfamiliar situations that make major shifts in our view of ourselves specifically (as Mars is in the EST first house) and when we are subject to certain kinds of persuasion, we tend to resist it rather than converge in that new directions and distractions, so we should be careful about which ideas we adopt at this time.
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The Leo Full Moon has only the Moon and Moon's Node above the horizon, showing an unconscious situation.
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