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ATMann’s May Scorpio Super Full Moon Astrology Newsletter

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The 7 May Scorpio Super Full Moon occurred late last night and as you could see, the Scorpio Full Moon was glorious and bright, and appears larger and closer to Earth than any other full moon this year 2020, and was also is alone in the lower half of the chart as all the planets are contained within the Nodal Axis, as they have been for ages. This lopsided situation is obvious and clear, although not well known, and it a cause for alarm for several ways. 

A number of the planets, such as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn go retrograde in the next week or so, showing that as spring comes ahead for us, it also promises a renewal of some of the recent influences, while those of Jupiter and Venus can lead to new openings, but also more thoughts about what the ultimate impact of recent events really means in the longer run. Will we be able to institute more progressive attitudes or soldier on with our antiquated values intact? That is the question. And Venus retrograde often brings love or relationships from past influences, which could provide deeper significance to current events.

And as usual with the potent planets, it all begins at the top and the top is extremely uncertain, inexperienced and badly advised. I can speak for myself when I say that it makes me very uncertain about where things are going as the writing on the wall is not great. I hate saying this, but much that I have warned about in recent newsletters, are coming about in a more dire form that I ever expected. Indeed, the issue of Gaia being wounded is even more apt than when I wrote about it almost a month ago. The message is painfully clear: that we are insulting Gaia the Earth Goddess, and this is the core fault of what is happening around the planet.
Saturn in early Aquarius conjoins Jupiter and Pluto, both still in late Capricorn, and this shows that authoritarian visions are coming into view more sharply. Pluto trines Mercury in Taurus as well as the Taurus Sun, and this means that it is very important that the experiences of the pandemic are something that we learn to ground ourselves with and continue to learn and formulate new strategies from, in reference to future attitudes and philosophies. However, Mercury in the twelfth house is silent, keeps to itself and buries the secrets that remain about many of the critical issues still in operation in the world. 

They have just passed the original and revolutionary Uranus in early Taurus and this shows us that although nothing concrete seems to have been learned from the virus, that the powers that be continue to bumble away, making decisions based on political gains rather than public health, and hopefully that Saturn, Venus and later Jupiter go retrograde, which often means that previous experiences are revisited, which could be catastrophic, so hopefully we have learned some lessons and restrain our instincts to break away from good sense, continue to socially separate and get the virus under firm control.

It is probably fortunate that the planet of love and peace, Venus is now in communicative Gemini,  and aspects both Sun and Moon, which helps associations, although it is also about to go retrograde on 13 May, which can mean that the good will available is vaporizing — of course we don’t think so, however. Communication is a vital known in the present time, and as such is our ally allows us to get valid information to cleanse the air.

The Nodal axis comes closer and closer to its transition from Cancer/Capricorn into the more changeable Gemini/Sagittarius in another few weeks, which could signal more active changes. Cancer and Capricorn are considered quite conservative, but Gemini and Sagittarius are both mutable (changeable) signs and therefore much more flexible and more philosophical, instead of realistic and pragmatic. I am curious what will happen and how it will affect our decisions and practices.

Neptune is once again a factor and connected by aspect with many of the players we have discussed already. As a spiritual factor, Neptune is also fantastic, boundaryless and is often associated with fake news and the current tendency to avoid telling the truth about anything, so we automatically wonder what effect it is having on the current dialogues. Being in the sign Pisces, which naturally governs hospitals, prisons, old people’s homes and public institutions, it is quite suspicious but not surprising that these places are where many people have been dying of the coronavirus and are considered not safe. This is quite tragic and a huge problem for many older people and their families. So naturally Neptune has engaged aspects with the Nodal axis, which in turn describes family structures and ways of being, and it describes exactly the source of the problem — the lack of boundaries and closeness of the patients of such places. This is yet another danger point that is asking for revision once the pandemic is past us. And yet we must be empathetic about those whose lives have been irrevocably changed by the pandemic, much less those who have passed away.

Mars in early Aquarius is also in a similar position as Aquarius really describes the phenomenon of  “social distancing” better than any other planet or sign, and it is also connected via aspects to the Nodal axis and shows the strong desire of people to regain their connectedness to family and friends despite the dire warnings of what that might entail.

The last remaining body is of course the asteroid Chiron, the storyteller of our woundedness and the significator of epidemics along with Pluto. Fortunately, its connection to the current configuration of planets and luminaries is slight, showing the we might well be finding out ways to minimalize the deeper effects of the pandemic by keeping up with the social distancing in a logical and realistic manner and not opening the economy too quickly. For your information, this morning I listened to a prelude to a talk by Melanie Reinhart, an old friend, about the newish asteroid called Chariklo, Chiron’s sister in myth, and it certainly is relevant as she accompanied him during his centuries of woundedness and accompanies Pluto in Capricorn now and in the near future as a guardian of the wounded. So, thank you yet again for your wisdom, Melanie.

Phew, in the meantime, as I am a work-at-home hermit anyway, and am dealing with a flow of readings, so thank you and yet I am available for readings if you are interested or need some support in this difficult time. Please be in touch with me for an appointment. I am available for readings of all kinds, including Life Time readings, Yearly Updates with the new graphic format I am beginning to use, Partnerships, and Mandala Astrological Tarot readings small or elaborate….. and I will try to help you find our way out.

            All the best, be safe, act sensibly, eat well, and be well,
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The Scorpio Super Full Moon and all planets contained within the Nodal axis except the Moon.
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