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ATMann’s January Cancer Lunar Eclipse Astrology Newsletter

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The first eclipse of the 2020s occurs on Friday 10 January at 2:21 PM EST, is a rare penumbral eclipse (the Earth’s shadow can be seen at certain places on the Moon), and features a slew of planets at or around 20˚ Capricorn, mostly hovering around the Capricorn Sun, showing that what is happening now is a kind of patriarchal showdown, a display of masculine stupidity coming almost exclusively from impotent men facing off against one another, and as a result, threatening all of us, for whom this is the last thing we would like to be involved with.

The Sun in Capricorn shows strong definition, wanting to be perceived as being in control, precise, clear and rational, while the Cancer Full Moon is emotional, changeable, related to the self, and swayed by strong feelings, which at such a time can indicate decisions that come out of nowhere, last a short time, and then change to something else. However, the Cancerian quality is also something that never forgets and often remains to taunt the “other.” And as it is an eclipse, the connection remains for quite a time, is more potent than it appears on the surface, and will no go away, hence the contradictory quality of such influences that affect us all. Underneath it all it can indicate a loss of influence and face, and certainly involves such power through appearances. Be aware that whatever is said formally is often masking the exact opposite effects, so this is a time to beware. 

Mercury amidst the Sun, Saturn and Pluto shows that there are secretive strategies afoot here and therefore it isn’t as simple as it seems, both collectively and personally. Language can be harsher than the full impact of the situation, but it will have the quality of remaining in mind well after the event. All interested parties will feel as though it is their fate to engage, yet the general tenor is that going all in isn’t the best strategy, although we can expect aftereffects to arise in time.

Since both the ruling Saturn and the revolutionary Pluto are within two degrees of the eclipse, it shows a much longer and drawn-out dynamic at play, and one that betrays a lack of strength rather than the apparent outcome. Repression is indicated and almost always involved here, so pairs of adversaries end up having a kind of mutual regression. In both cases there is usually a suppression of others, particularly woman and those not in agreement with the primary parties, and so it lingers, maintaining great angst and inner pain, if not death. This characteristic is particularly shown here by the semi-square to Mars in the foreign Sagittarius, where the initial conflicts have far-reaching implications for myriad people who don’t seem to be involved, but by implication are affected profoundly. The opposition of both to the Cancer moon will mitigate the emotional impact of events now, and as dramatic as they are, their overall effect is likely to be overshadowed by the sense that all parties acted irrationally, at the moment.

The impact of Neptune sextile on the above planets minimalizes their impact, yet there will likely be resonances that become part of the total effect afterwards, but it also shows that unconscious influences were a part of the dynamic, and they will linger and attract much conversation about the larger implications of certain actions now and later. False news will be discovered to be a part of the complete picture, and untruths on both sides are likely. 
Jupiter is weak in Capricorn and exactly conjunct to the South Node of the Moon, showing that what looked initially much more likely to create division, could potentially have the opposite effect, which is mainly because the South Node signifies karmic patterns from the past that could be realized by all involved, and ironically this fact could open up the potential for new connections, if there is a willingness to look ahead. The trine aspect of these two to the electric Uranus usually inflates things, but here the greater likelihood is that as Uranus is in Taurus (incidentally, the sign governing Iran) a sensitivity that is usually not present could arrive and make things a bit more stable.

The storyteller of our woundedness Chiron is positioned between the aggressive Mars and inflammatory Uranus, the combination of which could be very destructive, however there is a possibility of transcendence here through Chironic healing energies, and Chiron in early Aries shows us that we need to begin again and always attempt new starts. This is a unique and unexpected possibility; however, luck will have it that there is always a chance for such things.

And Venus, the planet of love, is of course the missing link here, unaspected by the other planets, but also showing us either that the cosmos has a sense of humor, or we are just lucky to have love showing her presence in what seems a very dark time.

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The Cancer Lunar Eclipse shows many planets in Capricorn and great confrontations.
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