The Leo Full Moon happens on Valentine's Day in 2014 -- what should you expect?
Valentine’s Day & Leo Full Moon in February 2014
As waves and waves of snow and ice continue to buffet the Northeast, we hold onto our inner lives and try to stay warm. The exercise from shoveling snow off of my car keeps me in shape, and my heating bill makes me work harder and harder, despite the desire to stay in bed.
This Leo full moon today, Friday February 14th, falls on St. Valentine’s Day, which strikes me as an auspicious synchronicity that I intend to take advantage of. These are difficult and trying times, especially with the ongoing Uranus square Pluto, and compounded by the Mercury retrograde, however this date signals the midway point of the almost monthly backwards movement of the god of communications that ends on March 2nd. In such times the trickster aspect of the mercurial planet shows us that we have to investigate all communications to try and find elements of the truth in them. Be careful what you ask for and question it when you get it. What is different this time is that tomorrow (Saturday at 3:22PM EST) Mercury will move backwards directly into the path of the approaching Sun. Arabic alchemists blessed this event as "kazimi," a brief window of high intelligence and a moment when one can briefly experience great clarity. So utilize it as best you can!

Of course I challenged retro Mercury by attempting a brain transplant on my Macbook Pro, implanting an SSD with moderate success. But it did increase my brainpower on the lap so I overcame the risks and feel better for it.
This full moon is quite powerful for a start as the outgoing, self-expressive Leo Moon of acting, loving, playing and opening up, works perfectly with Valentine’s Day. The Moon opposes the idealistic and detached Aquarius Sun, which is likely to scowl and try not to get involved. So try that scarlet and sexy lingerie ladies, as now is the time to let if all loose and see if it works. The same could be said about your creative energies now. Because the Sun and Moon are mutually square Saturn in Scorpio brings greater conservatism, inward thoughts, and urges that are either hidden deeper or expressed more fully. Overcome those inhibitions and let your creative flag fly high on the mast. Since the trine to Mars in Libra is your partner, engage them in the play and discover what lies inside.
This is a time when we all tend to feel the need to be inside, to conserve energies and intimacies, and so letting it out will feel much better than you can even imagine. With Pluto and Venus still in their forceful embrace it might be that you swing from the extremes from overdoing it and being the eternal naive. Being opposite to open and optimistic Cancerian Jupiter and squaring the impulsive Uranus in Aries, creative urges can be spot on now, so move on it and know that world is ready for whatever it is that you imagine.
Neptune is off on its own, so it is a time when many feel disengaged with it all and seek nothing less than isolation, so bear that impulse in mind also. You might also have noticed that many people are checking out there days for obscure reasons, or no reasons, so take the hint and look inside. Spiritual vibrations will then infiltrate your dreams anyway, so listen up and open your psychic channels and listen up as good inner wisdom could be forthcoming.
If you really want to give a gift that fits with this strange and powerful time, consider an astrology update so you can utilize your creative powers at their very best. Or a Life Time reading it you feel like discovering your deepest past. Or look at for my Astrology Reincarnation Report to go even deeper. Or alternatively, treat yourself and look ahead in the crystal ball with a tarot reading. You might be surprised as this is a time of unusual new insights that you can scarcely afford to ignore. Be in touch and enjoy the Valentines……
Best, Tad
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