The March 20 Solar Eclipse is followed by the Spring Equinox later in the day ... a time of new beginnings.

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ATMann’s March Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox Astrology Newsletter    

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Friday March 20 is a powerful day of turning points as the Solar Eclipse occurs in the last degree of Pisces at 5:36 AM, and later in the day is the Spring Equinox at 6:45PM EDT and the start of a new astrological year. As both these events symbolize new beginnings and also with the eclipse in the last degree of Pisces, as an ending, we also have to consider that the lengthy and highly damaging Uranus/Pluto square that has been in force for some years also went exact for the last time on Tuesday, meaning that their influences are waning, although not yet gone. While our world is still extremely chaotic, we know that chaos eventually leads to a new and more vital order on micro levels, so let’s celebrate the coming of spring and a period of relative balance. It's not that things in the world or our lives will suddenly resolve themselves, however the energies are clear for a fresh approach to important issues.
      With the first house of our personality holding four planets, the asteroid Chiron, signifying wounds and their healing process, as well as the highly karmic South Node of the Moon, it will take us a little while to get back into initiating mode as there are many things that will occupy our attention. The conjunction between the thinker and trickster Mercury and the spiritual or delusional Neptune is fascinating as we must correlate our visions of the future with our illusions and make subtle but critical choices about how to go about the serious issues confronting us. While these two can bring great and sharp perceptions, they can also engender stasis and a kind of paralysis from too many possibilities, so walk and think your way through this time carefully.
      Since the New Moon is so close to the Pisces/Aries boundary bridging the end and beginning of the zodiacal year, their combination brings yet more psychic and psychological dynamics to the fore in our relationships and our wellbeing as the death and rebirth theme reiterates itself and old patterns yield to the new. We therefore must release certain concerns and behavioral patterns before we can move ahead in a sustainable and mindful way. That Jupiter still retrograding in Leo is sesquiquadrate to the eclipse shows a certain kind of optimism, but with the stringent conditions that seem to be omnipresent these years. It is like we are given nothing outright and have to struggle to maintain our inner and outer balance and equilibrium.
      Saturn sits in Sagittarius atop the eclipse chart, showing our focus on what the future brings and our increasingly interconnected media world and its influences, and it will retrograde all the way back into Scorpio until August 2 until it finally returns to Sagittarius on September 19, where it will be for two and a half years, which will institute a time of expansive but also potentially inflated values, so be prepared to be aware of your future fate. Saturn aspects many of the planets these days, which means we might feel quite “fated” to experience certain issues as a way of catching up with the karmic applications of life. It is important, given this, to remain vigilant in keeping our honesty and values despite the deterioration of worldly values we see around us.
      Mars is in Aries, near Venus in Taurus, the signs that these two planets rule, and their togetherness spells a creative time when energetic fire meets creative earth and it might enhance our ability to express ourselves, our sex life might become more vibrant, and other positive and self expressive modes could easily come into play as the weather gradually gets better and warmed.
      Aquarius is rising in the chart and therefore our idealism is sustained despite all of the going’s on below the horizon, which shows that within us, on deeper levels, we are still being challenged by all orders of issues that seem to blend with each other so that isolating any one issues is almost impossible. I find this with many of my clients and friends and it is alarming, however as the energy levels rise in the coming weeks we will at leas feel more able to deal with such complexity in sensible ways, again with as much mindfulness as we possibly can. Identity issues arise regularly as we try to sustain existing relationships that might or might not be working; yet we retain the urge to break away temporarily to regain our (relative) sanity. Those of us who felt entrapped by the sever winter can begin to unwind a bit and start dreaming of trees leaving and weather becoming more temperate as we emerge from our apparent ice age.
      You might be interested to know that I have instituted another category of readings in that for the down payment price of an astrology reading you can choose to have three shorter (a half hour or so each) counseling sessions on the spur of the moment, when the fancy strikes you in the coming months. Some indeed do this in addition to having their yearly updates. I am available also for Life Time readings and tarot if that is what you find valuable.

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