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30 second Champagne Sparklers back in stock

Bride to Be ShirtI'm happy to announce that we now have the 30 second champagne sparklers back in stock. They are 4" from tip to tip, gold tube, red tip and last 30 seconds. So for those of you who have been waiting patiently for them, they are now here for you. You can order them online.

Custom design shirtWe also now carry custom T-shirts & tank tops. Buy from 1 to thousands. Use them to hand out for special occasions, for weddings, for parties, for trade shows, for fun or promotion...the only limitation is your imagination.

More new items include special effects machines - LED multi-color confetti machine, fog blower and more! Please check out all our tested and USA standards approved special effects machines. Use them for theater productions, nightclubs, concerts...the only limitation is your imagination. They're all easy to use and ready to go.


Save 5% on all orders over $10 from now until October 31, 2013. When checking out, simply add the following code in the checkout process: HALLO

We are also happy to announce that we have added PayPal back into our checkout process. We now offer you secure payment from (Visa, MasterCard & AMEX), Intuit Payment Network (Bank Withdrawal, echeck, MasterCard & Visa - this is a link that you must click on to check out), PayPal & our newest secure checkout solution Strip (Visa, MasterCard & AMEX). We try to make your checkout process as safe and secure as possible. We do not keep credit cards so that we can't be hacked. 

We also still have our Share & Save Coupons for certain items. Make sure you check the description to check for the Share & Save logo. Click on it & you'll get the directions & coupon code to use when checking out. For a complete list of Share & Save items, please read our blog.

Product Updates

Our next update is a sad one. The LED Nite Sparx™ official launch date is November 8, 2013. To get the sparklers at the $9.99 price order before November 8th when the price will increase to $17.99 each with bulk discount pricing available. Pre-order and you can get them at the current price of $9.99 each with bulk discounts.

We no longer carry the LED Pyramid furniture. We do still have the other LED furniture in stock. These are great for parties and to add spice to VIP section of your venue.


New Product - Custom Name Bottle Service Serving Tray

We now have a brand new product that will promote your business or event, improve customer service and help your hostesses organize VIP bottle service!

Our bottle service serving tray features several compartments & features: 
3 Carafes  2 garnish bowls, 1 ice bucket, 1 napkin/straw compartment and the best part is that the tray's front compartment can be customized with your club logo, your name (great for wedding receptions) or the name of your event. 

Show your customers you appreciate your business, advertise upcoming events, showcase bottle specials, increase your brand awareness and do it all with one tray. This is definitely a sound marketing investment that can be used over & over.

Order your tray today by ordering from the website or giving us a call (order on a Wednesday and get entered into our "Win It Wednesday" contest).

Check out our new Deluxe Bottle Service Serving Tray & the Premium Tray with Locking Cage


Cutting-Edge Ultra Bright New Bottle Service Product

Updated Expected delivery October 18, 2013

Sparklers in-CyberSPACE (licensed reseller) is proud to announce a new cutting-edge alternative to champagne bottle service sparklers.

The patent pending LED NITE SPARX™ Electronic Bottle Service Sparkler's creative design took years to develop the right combination of multi-function bright flashing / strobing light that not only will grab people’s attention and is a cost-effective promotional tool.

Ultra bright LED lights will impress your customers – even more so than standard champagne sparklers. This flashing light will change the way you handle bottle & VIP service for years to come. Add in the benefits of using our LED strobe sparkler and you have a winning, affordable marketing strategy.

View Video

Benefits of using the LED NITE SPARX™ Champagne Sparkler

  • No fire marshal hassles
  • No smoke
  • No flames
  • No smell
  • No fines
  • No problems
  • No burns
  • No fire alarm discharges
  • No running out before getting to the table
  • It’s easy to use and re-use every night!

Available in bulk orders saving you even more money! Be sure to check out our bulk order pricing above.

Order 3 sparklers and get a triple bottle clip free with your order.

Product availablity: 30 - 45 days on pre-orders. After that, the LED sparklers will be available all the time. Order today to get a jump on your competitors and start strategizing how you can creatively and effectively use these cutting-edge promotional bottle service sales tools.

**Patent Pending


**Sparklers in-CyberSPACE is a licensed reseller

What's new:

Wedding Sparklers, poppers, confetti, wedding favorsIf you're thinking nuptials or know someone who is going to be getting married, check out our tell them about our wedding sparkler packages. We not only have the sparklers, we also have party balloons and other items to decorate or to use as favors on your tables.

A note from our Cheryl:

Sparklers in-CyberSPACE is 100% commited to customer satisfaction. We do our best to meet your needs while keeping within Federal and state guidelines. We want to hear from loyal customers like you. Let us know what you think about our products and support. Your feedback makes us better.

— Cheryl Carnright
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