'Tis The Giving Season

Happy Holidays!
12 Days of Giveaways Sneak Peak


CVL started out as “Cooking For A Vegan Lover” and over time I made the small change to Cook.Vegan.Lover. because I was not longer just cooking for my vegan lover, but I became vegan myself (shortly after starting Cooking For A Vegan Lover).  Over the years CVL has developed as a blog and has gone from being a vegan food blog to a vegan lifestyle blog to it’s current state as a Vegan Healthy Living Blog.  As much as I have tried to use “lover” as a cover for all the things I love, I have come to terms with the fact the Cook.Vegan.Lover just isn’t a fitting name for my blog any longer. It is now time to move on.

Launching on December 1st will be my newest project, Running with Tongs.  It is going to be a vegan healthy living blog, encompassing all of the things I hold most important.  In essence you will still be reading the same things that I would have posted on CVL and all of the posts of CVL will be transitioned over to Running with Tongs, but you will also see more features on healthy living (i.e. running, physical activity, healthy living tips and information). 

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Okay so now on to the good stuff a sneak peak at this years 12 Days of Christmas! This year is all about items that I absolutely love and ones I hope you'll enjoy as well. This year will feature giveaways supported by a variety of my favorite companies and a few giveaways sponsored by me. Here is a sneak peak of who will be prodiving items:

  • Mighty Leaf Tea
  • Five Bamboo
  • Rhythm Foods
  • Lucini
  • Da Capo Publisher (hmmm just might be a new baking book I know you'll love- any guesses?)
  • Sprout Skin Care
  • Galaxy Foods
There will also be four giveaways sponsored by me but those are going to be surprises. 

So stay tuned and remember that starting December 1st CVL will transition to Running With Tongs!