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Hi, Molly:

My good friend and colleague, Molly Fiore, has a new book that has just been released called, “Opting In.” This is the most raw, honest, soul-revealing book I have ever read. It’s an absolute page-turner. Not only that, it is a brilliant demonstration of how quickly and radically life improves when you see things differently. I highly recommend reading it -


Today, I wanted to highlight how Molly is creating amazing things in her life by operating from the inside-out. As you will discover in her book, one of the most significant things Molly did to shift from near-suicide to successful, joyful living in a very short period of time is that she went to work on herself from the inside out. She hired a coach. She attended seminars. She recognized that permanent change would not come from changing circumstances, it could only come from within.



The next thing Molly did was move boldly in the direction of her dreams. She had the courage and commitment to write a brilliant book. She wrote consistently until she had a completed manuscript. She worked diligently through the editing process. She dropped the concern for what others might think and focused on how she could make a difference. Rather than wait for the approval of others in order to live her dreams, she invested a significant amount of her own money in her book project. If she didn’t believe in herself, who would? Her willingness to act and invest in herself is why she is now holding her very first book in her hands.


With intuition as her guide, she issued a press release with her book launch, and she attended a talk at a local book shop given by a successful author. Those two simple actions led to the following results in only one week from the time her book hit the book stores.


  • A radio interview on a Denver morning talk radio station.
  • Two suicide-prevention talks at a middle school to 6th and 7th graders.
  • A book signing event partnering with the local suicide coalition
  • A bookstore asking how they can get my book in their store IMMEDIATELY.
  • An interview on a local TV show.
  • An invitation as a special guest to be on The Balancing Act, a television show that airs nationally every morning on the Lifetime Network.
  • An invitation to speak to an Optimist club in Denver, CO.
  • An invitation to speak to a Rotary Club in Denver, CO.
  • Keynote speech to the Vail Valley Business Women. From this talk, Molly sold many copies of her book and had five conversations about coaching.  One woman sent an email requesting a coaching session and expressed sincere interest in becoming a client.


Is success really that simple? Can you really get results this fast? While no one can guarantee results in a specific time frame, you can always guarantee that no results will occur if you do not begin your project in earnest. And yes, success is really that simple. Consistent, inspired action over time always leads to success if you are willing to never give up. As Molly so beautifully demonstrates, if you want to create success, happiness, and joy in your life, the very first step is...opting in.

To Your Success & Freedom,


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