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It's not that Jenny and I are never satisfied, but we have lived in five different houses since we tied the knot over 45 years ago. The first was a rented seafront flat, the other four have been bought as 'projects', in other words needed stripping out then restoring from the attic to the ground floor! Whilst we have 'succumbed' to UPVC windows in our present house (twas bought with them already fitted) all the others have had wooden frames primed, under coated and top coated with Epifanes yacht enamel. Despite living near to the North East coast, our woodwork has always outperformed our neighbours', coated no doubt with household paint! The image above is of our front door which was, some thirteen years ago, stripped to bare wood, coated with Epifanes wood primer followed by their undercoat and finished with two applications of Epifanes yacht enamel and hasn't been coated since. It's North facing, and if it's a strong Northerly wind (like today) we get salt deposits and sand clinging on the door. Yesterday, bored with going through cupboards and sorting out redundant clothing and accumulated sailing related junk, I decided that the door was looking a little scruffy, time for a repaint methinks. However, a quick wash down with fresh water and a little elbow grease whilst using Vistal Hard Surface Natural Cleaner brought it back to a respectable look! The other bonus (apart from not having to repaint) of course is that I can then 'borrow' the Vistal for use on the boat!
As for the interior of the house, we do like the look of wood, and Epifanes gloss varnish followed by their rubbed effect varnish* has been used on various floors and other areas throughout the house. 13 years on, the floorboards in the back lounge are still looking good but lift the rug and one can see the effects of the sun on a south facing room. If this lockdown carries on, to be added to my to do list might be....... strip the varnish off, sand the faded area to restore the original colour and then get the varnish out! Fortunately the kitchen ceiling alcove doesn't get the sun so that's a blessing!
The hall, when we arrived all those years ago, was 'decorated' if that's the correct word in a dirty cream paint. We lived with it for some three years whilst we worked on other areas of the house but then one evening, having used some paint stripper on an a piece of furniture, I decided that I would try some on one of the panels in the hall. Cream came off easily, green followed that and then what looked like a treacly substance and behind that oak panels! 45 gallons of Nitromors, 160 man hours of Jen and my labour, lost count of how many Scarsten scraper blades this was followed by 10 weeks work by two French polishers, three of their weeks work was removing the tiny specs of paint from the corners of each panel. After a year the hall staircase, upper landing and seven outward facing doors were restored to their original glory. No we didn't use Epifanes on this project as it would not have looked right had to be French polished. Yes Jenny does think I have OCD!
As for our plastic fantastic, the Mystery 35, whilst it does have a glass fibre hull and the deck/cabin moulding is constructed using the same material, we have tried to create a traditional looking interior by the use of wood wherever possible, including vacuum bagging of mahogany veneered ply onto the grp upper surfaces in the cabin sides then varnishing with Epifanes gloss followed by a final coat of rubbed effect varnish! Bulkheads were painted cream to keep up with the traditional look.  As the wood used in the construction was stable and not prone to any movement  we went for Epifanes two pack paint and varnish, unbelievably hard wearing! Incidentally when ever space permitted we rolled as against brushed using a concave roller (gets into corners and doesn't leave a line when joining up) 
If you have brought your floorboards, tiller, washboards etc home and still haven't got round to working on them or you are still able to work on your boat, read what the experts at Marineware have to say about obtaining a superb finish by clicking on here. Remember we might be closed as a bricks and mortar chandlery but you can order online for carrier delivery.
*Epifanes Rubbed effect varnish is not UV stable so we always recommend that your first few coats are clear gloss before your application of rubbed effect.
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