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Salutations Camp Otterdale Friends and Family!

Badaboom, its June!  The time of year when most of this part of the world is finishing up school and spring projects, wrapping up committee meetings and team sports, clearing the cobwebs at the cottage, preparing boats and kayaks, and anticipating some summertime events as well as that elusive “sitting at the end of the dock downtime.”  Hopefully “Busy” is about to take a holiday for many, in order to refresh, reconnect, relax.  Well, our axis in the Summer camp world is a bit different……..oh, lots of cleaning, clearing and cobweb destruction!  We are ramping UP for all the gang to join us!  “Busy,” “Fun,” “Planning,” and “Doing” have arrived with enthusiasm as we get ready for Captain’s 24th summer leading us at Camp Otterdale!  All Aboard!  You bet!
We had a fantastic turn out for our annual Open House on the May long weekend.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us.  We met lots of new folks and caught up with our returning families and staff alumni.  It warms all of our hearts to hear, see and feel the energy rise with excitement for the coming summer.  In fact, it boosted the bounce in the steps of our Leadership team as we continue to set up activities, docks, sailboats, craft shop, as we fix the old cabin steps, finish the woodworking centre and plant the garden! 

Here are a few updates:

The Farm! Pronto and his gang have tilled and worked the soil and have just finished planting the vegetable garden.  If all this rain was good for something, it has been GREAT for gardening.  Now we wait for Mr. Golden Sun to shine warmth down on us! 
We are also waiting for the arrival of our farm animals.  Along with the chickens, sheep and Llama and hopefully Pierre, Elliot and Justine the angora goats to join us again, there are a few more animals making their debut as well……. a calf, a couple of miniature horses and possibly our own “radiant” pig, just like Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web.  Pronto will be a busy guy and he looks forward to the campers to help out!

The Suzuki program!  Last year, two of our staff, Mimzie and Beamer started up an Environmentally related program that everyone took part in.  Named after David Suzuki, who inspires us to do better for our planet, we are continuing to build the activity.  Campers and staff will be learning about gardening, recycling, reusing, reclaiming, water quality and climate change, solar power, while experiencing interactive time in the forest all around us. We are glad that this new tradition at Camp Otterdale has taken root and will lead us to become more aware of our role in actively taking part in the health of our planet.
Sailing! We have added to our fleet! A couple of RS Zests and another RS Quest to accompany the other two from last year, the Fusions and our wee Pico’s! That’s sailor talk for everyone learning how to sail at their level. Perhaps a Sailing regatta on the horizon? Now, that would be fun!

Future Emails to 2019 families:

  • We have updated our Camper Packing Checklist and will be sending it to you soon. 
  • A week before your Camp Session, you will receive an email from us with last minute information, arrival and departure times, etc.  Hopefully this will help alleviate those last minute questions. J
  • A copy of our Tick Protocol will be emailed to all families who have children coming to camp this summer.
Camper Medical Information: it is essential that your campers Medical Form is submitted. It can be accessed through your camp account. It is very important that we have the most up to date information of your children.  If you need to update any medical information and you have already submitted your form, either Captain or Muskie can assist through the office.
As we stop to reflect on all that happened in May, from maintenance projects to program and cabin visioning, from reuniting with the majority of our staff during Skills weekend to the trip to Camp Kawabi with our Leadership team to help out our Mentor and Camp Director when we were Camp Counsellors, we feel very blessed to be working with such dynamic and enthusiastic young leaders.  As we learn from one another, share our gifts, our foibles, and our ideas, as we continue to gather momentum as a team, our summer theme continues to guide us: “ Making a Difference.”
We continue to learn to bloom where we land and to recognize the many colourful blooms all around us.  May you do as well.   
Hurray for June!  Plant a new tree! Bring on the summer!!
Yours in Camping,
Captain and Muskie.
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