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June 2017 Issue
Martha's Message
June is a time to celebrate our students’ achievements as they walk across the graduation stage. Many have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles but had persisted because of the possibilities that their education could offer. We congratulate you on the contributions you made to each of your student’s success!

The end of the academic year allows us to reflect on our own achievements. This spring alone, the DCMP work has spread to several states on their implementation of mathematic pathways:
  • Workshops on math pathways topics, including pedagogy and co-requisite structures, in Arkansas, Illinois, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin
  • Partnering with Achieving the Dream (ATD) to deliver a designing math pathways workshop for institutional teams starting or wanting to deepen their strategic planning for math pathways changes
  • Transfer and applicability policy and implementation work in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington to encourage students to continue their postsecondary education without losing credits
  • Webinars on how to engage partner disciplines in conversations about the right math for each program of study
  • Ongoing state planning and implementation of mathematics pathways in Arkansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Washington
  • Launch of Texas Regional Coordinators with regional workshops
  • Presentations at Texas Association of Academic Administrators in the Mathematical Sciences (TAAAMS), Mathematical Association of America (MAA) – Texas, Texas Acceleration Institute, Transforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics (TPSE), American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), League for Innovation, Texas Pathways Project Institute, Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA), and National Association of System Heads (NASH)
Thanks to all of our partners, colleagues, and friends for a successful year. We look forward to working with all of you in the months ahead, as we seek to ensure that ALL students will be prepared to use mathematical reasoning skills in their careers, enabled to make timely progress towards completion of a credential, and empowered as mathematical learners.
Have a wonderful summer! 

Martha Ellis, Interim Director
Higher Education Services 
What's New
Math in the Real World: Early Findings from a Study of the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways
Audience: Math departments, faculty, and advisors 

The Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness, led by MDRC and Community College Research Center (CCRC), just released a research brief containing early findings from their randomized study of Dana Center Mathematics Pathways. The findings are encouraging: Students enrolled in Dana Center curriculum based on the DCMP model "are having qualitatively different classroom experiences from those of students in traditional developmental math courses and are enrolling in and passing these courses at higher rates." Students responded that participating in the Foundations for Mathematical Reasoning course made them more confident in their math ability and more interested in math in general, while teaching them how to struggle through problems. 
These early findings show the contrast in student experience from just one semester of using the Dana Center curriculum. We look forward to the completed study, which will follow students for one to two years after enrolling in their developmental math coursework. The final report will shed light on differences in college level course completion, degree completion, persistence as well as a cost analysis. 

Calling All STEM Professionals:
Join the Calculus Career Connections Video Project
Is there a computer scientist in your book club? Does an actuary coach your child’s soccer team? Have you worked with an amazing student who went on to lead an environmental engineering firm? 
The DCMP is looking for STEM professionals to talk about their work for a video component of our pathway to calculus courses, Reasoning with Functions I and Reasoning with Functions II. Each 5-minute video will show STEM professionals making connections between their work and topics such as geometric reasoning, trigonometry, modeling with functions, rates of change, and covariational reasoning. 

Please complete this self-nomination form and watch the trailer below.
Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Video: Calculus Career Project
What We Are Reading 
Why You Should Care About Remedial Math

In this opinion piece, Alexandra Logue provides a compelling case for why partner disciplines should care about mathematics pathways. She shares her research on the numerous impacts resulting from students’ not completing remedial math. 
“Graduating from college will, on average, significantly enhance the quality of life of these students and their families. Students who do not obtain a degree earn less, are more likely to default on their student debt, pay fewer taxes, are less healthy and are more likely to go to prison -- all of which can harm not only the students and their families themselves but also hurt you as a taxpayer.”
At Cal State, Algebra Is a Civil Rights Issue  

In an EdSource op-ed piece, Christopher Edley, Jr., explains how intermediate algebra is a civil rights issue by examining a recent transfer change by the California State University that will impact many transferring community college students.

Edley points out "that this a civil rights legal problem for state higher education . . . because, outside of specific majors such as engineering, intermediate algebra skills are not required for success in college. In fact, popular college math courses like Statistics do not require intermediate algebra. Studies show that the very same students, whose futures are threatened by algebra policies, can pass a rigorous college-level statistics course without knowing intermediate algebra."
Spotlight Resource
 Our DCMP Work at the State Level 
Audience: General 

We invite you to visit our frequently updated Resource Site page on our work with different states. Read about the varied, innovative ways that local leaders are using to set a vision for math pathways. 
Mark Your Calendar!

Upcoming opportunity to join us in learning about mathematics pathways:

The Dana Center is going big at MAA MathFest in Chicago! We have a joint panel with the Carnegie Foundation, a Themed Contributed Paper session featuring 12 papers, and individual sessions. Expect event details coming soon.
There’s still time to register for the conference!
Follow us @DCMathPathways.  
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