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What newsletter writer, in their right mind, wouldn’t talk about going back to school this week? Probably none. Except maybe me. (Although now that I’ve said that, I kind of did talk about going back to school…)
Anyway, I’m happy to start back our correspondence as I’m always glad to write to you and share some thoughts about books, publishing, reading, writing, etc. This year again, I’ll be sending you from time to time a glimpse of news from StreetLib.
As you may know, we are a very spread out company as we all work from where we live and have our offices mainly online thanks to great available tools. Every now and then, we gather all in the “motherland” in Loreto, Italy and next time will be in just a couple of weeks. It will be a chance for us to experiment a +15 meeting. For those who don’t know (I didn’t, up until a few hours ago), a +15 meeting consists of a big brainstorm about what a project, idea, product or company might look like 15 years forward.
It’s about analyzing the present and where it’s headed but also about imagination, creativity, and perceptibility. Don’t tell the boss but I’m a bit impatient and would like to start this brainstorming session right now with you. So how do you see publishing, reading… the whole book experience in 15 years time?
Our daily lives will have drastically changed, no doubt about that. Will that make more time for reading? Will we actually have augmented reality books and be able to meet with book characters (think 3D, AI, AR and you get Dumbledore in your living-room)? I’ll leave you to your thinking and stop going further with mine since I think some of my colleagues are reading this letter and I don’t want to give everything up before the meeting :) I'd be happy to receive your inputs on that though.

I think I mentioned it before but remember to follow us on Medium where you'll now find all our posts about the publishing industry, what books and book publishing in the digital words mean, etc. The StreetLib blog will now be for all strictly StreetLib matters: featuring the StreetLibers' community, new features, tips to use our tools, etc.
You'll receive plenty more information about it in a detailed email you'll receive next week but, in the meantime, go have a look at Writers Of the World portraits gallery. We want to gather writers from all over the earth as a single community. Linked by their (our) love for books and writing and meeting all virtually thanks to the beauty of the Internet. You'll find all the Writers Of the World on Instagram as well.

The reading corner

Talking about the future, you may have noticed not many of my suggestions are in the SciFi genre (not any, actually) as it is not usually my reading of choice. I did read one or two, I'm not prejudiced against not realistic stories :) not at all. Actually, there is one book I read many times when I was young and that I still enjoy reading from time to time and it is Lois Lowry's The Giver. It's a great read on our daily lives and some of history using science fiction to open a topic on reality. I know a lot of SciFi books do the same but here it was close enough to reality to make me really think. A bit like the movie Pleasantville, I think it's something great to experience when you are getting close to adulthood and a bit too innocent to face some cruelties of grownup life.

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Have a great Weekend and of course
Happy Book days!

AC de Fombelle
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