I'd like to let you know about our latest service update.

Book selling as you know it is over. Thanks to our latest improvement on StreetLib Stores, anyone can now create an online bookstore with no upfront cost, no technical development needed and most of all, no need to use an external e-commerce platform and all this in basically 5 minutes.

StreetLib Stores - Demo
5 min demo video by Giacomo, our StreetLib USA CEO

Why is it a revolution?

StreetLib Stores special features:

  • Open to anyone who wants to share books: author, publisher, book lover, reviewer…
  • No upfront cost, no subscription fee
  • 5 minute setup with customizable logo, design colors, and domain name (meaning it can be added to the owner's website)
  • Administrator access to manage book collection, look & feel, sales stats and reports, etc.
  • StreetLib provides the e-commerce solution as well as the web host
  • On the 30% of the book price usually for the book retailer, half goes to you, the other half to StreetLib. (The remaining 60% go to the publisher and author)
  • No exclusivity obligation, sign in and out, add or remove books whenever you want.
  • Option to also distribute the books to other retailers among our partners (Amazon, Google, Apple, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, etc)
"I always believed the Internet is a great way to let books flow. It can even revolutionize the way we sell and buy: with StreetLib Stores we are giving the opportunity to anyone to sell the books they love, their own or other's, with their own online bookstore. No intermediary retailer, no e-commerce system hassle"
Antonio Tombolini, StreetLib Founder and CEO
“Our goal is to empower smart publishers, self or not, with the best possible technology, and StreetLib Stores is a big step forward in this direction.”
Giacomo D’Angelo, StreetLib USA CEO

StreetLib Presentation:

StreetLib is an online platform providing all the book solutions to thrive in today’s Publishing landscape.
From eBook formatting and book typesetting online editor and publishing app to multi-channel distribution and direct sales, every tool and service is designed to help book lovers to share books online.
All our services are presented on our website
StreetLib's presentation video

For more information, please contact:

AC de Fombelle
International communication manager
(email or hangout any week day CET time)
Giacomo D’Angelo
StreetLib USA CEO
(email or hangout any week day EDT time)
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