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Welcome to the tenth edition of Sunshine Laos Newsletter. In this newsletter we would like to share with you the latest happenings in our Sunshine School community. We would appreciate any comment or suggestion you might have in order to make the newsletter better.

March - May, 2012
The biggest event during the 2nd term is our annual Open House program which was held on March 17th. All the classes from kindergarten to middle school perform for parents, guests and friends.

This year our young MCs were Tarani and Dede from M1 class. See how gorgeous they look in their traditional Lao dress.

Pictures here include:
  • Pop dance by grade 3,
  • 'Come See the Apple Tree' by kindergarten 2,
  • B-boy dance by M2 boys,
  • Yoga performance by grade 1,
  • 'Catching Red Ants' traditional dance by M1,
  • 'The Enchanted Garden' drama by grade 5 and
  • The fearsome lions and monkeys of M1.

Our school garden is now a profusion of colourful flowers and insects enjoying the shaded walkways and  living alongside the primary school vegetable plots and happy kids and staff. Congratulations to the students and staff who have taken care of this amazing creation.

This was volunteer Steven's comment about the garden!

"You have a beautiful and rich school yard. It makes a great outdoor classroom!"

During the hot season in April after Lao New Year, the M1 and M2 students enjoyed an outing to the green and shaded Lao Zoo. A great place to be on a sweltering day.
Younger classes had field trips to the National History Museum and to the Chaoanouvong Park along side the Mekong River.

DFC - Design for Change Laos

Last year Sunshine School was the first school in Laos to participate in the DFC Global Challenge. This is a movement that inspires school children all over the world to bring positive changes in their schools and in their communities.

This year a team of young professionals joined together to become a pilot team for DFC Laos. They organised a seminar to introduce the concepts and train participants. 10 schools attended. Sunshine School is among 4 of those 10 who have completed their DFC projects this year.

Teachers At and Tock led grade 5 and M1/2 English groups through the stages of "Feel, Imagine, Do and Share". Grade 5 spearheaded a playground cleanliness campaign and M1/2 undertook to raise awarenes about toilet hygiene. Soon their 'share' powerpoints will be uploaded on the DFC Laos website. See

Christina McMellon, a researcher from the UK, is exploring how young people living in Vientiane understand and experience happiness. She writes about her experience in the 'happiness workshops' she held with our M3/M4 students and also with the youth English students at Veuntaen farm school

I was genuinely impressed by the students’ level of engagement and participation in the workshops and I think that they found the activities enjoyable and interesting ... When we discussed different types of happiness, students identified differences between ‘quiet’ and ‘noisy’ happinesses and between short and long-term happiness. When looking at the things most important for happiness in own lives, family and friends were easily the most common answers, followed by a range of different activities including a particular focus on computers and the internet.
As a result of these workshops I also had the opportunity to visit the kindergarten at Veuntan Village, do a similar workshop with young English students and join their Pi Mai celebrations. This trip was a real privilege. Not only did I have very interesting conversations with young people but I was also able to witness - and participate in - their happiness at learning, eating and celebrating together.   

Veuntaen youth and teacher Saba after a             Thipthida showing a big smile during the
happy day on the river. 
                                              happiness workshop.

In early May five teachers from Sompanya School came for a morning observation tour of Sunshine School in order to learn from our experience in trying to implement a progressive educational atmosphere.
Sompanya school opened 3 years ago and aims to foster a child-centered, creative approach
to education. We look forward to future cooperation between our two schools.

Donkoi football activities had a recess during the hot season. On June 1st, however, 6 schools participated in an International Children's Day football tournament and Tree Planting Day activity to open the new season. Donkoi adult teams also participated in the fun. The '3 NO's sign says, "No Beer, No Smoking, No Drugs' but a big YES to football!

Both Anfernee and Haley who left us in late Feb and mid March have written about their experiences at the school in their blogs.

Haley was sponsored to come to Laos and Thailand by the Asha Foundation in the hopes that her positive experiences will inspire more young people to spend time volunteering with us.

Anfernee is a Dream Lifestyle Designer. As founder of AC Consulting and he has a passion for travel, writing, dancing and teaching people that happiness is a choice in each moment and that everybody can live the life of their dreams.

Our main volunteer during this period was Steven. Steven hailed from Canada and spent 10 weeks with us doing amazing activities with the middle school English and Techno classes. He inspired both students and staff with his passion for and dedication to teaching. Below are a couple of pages from a power point he made about his experiences at our school.

Didi Jyoti, Saba, Phoutsvanh and Thong have been the pillars of the farm and farm school development.

The playground has a new 'boat swing' made from one of our old cracked boats.

The kindergarten and English class students participated in a Pimai (Lao New Year) cultural presentation which all the parents attended. Steven and Christina (mentioned above) helped to distribute awards.


Amkham, our old school secretary, was married in early April. We wish her all the best.


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Sunshine School Laos is a non-profit, non-denominational institution dedicated to providing a universal, ethically-based education through integrated learning and the holistic development of the child. Sunshine School is grateful for the generous support of our local and international community, staff, students, families, volunteers and sponsors. 

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