Playhouse News: Letter from our Chairman, Congratulations on the Westraad's new Son, New Committee Announced, Members Evening - Club Night! Bryan Miles - Your Thoughts Are His! Waldorf School Presents, AUDITIONS: A Streetcar Named Desire, DRACULA, CATA 2012 Winners!. Including a very large "What's On" at The Playhouse!
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March 2013 Newsletter 

Letter from our Chairman | Congratulations on the Westraad's new Son | New Committee Announced | Members Evening - Club Night! | Bryan Miles - Your Thoughts Are His! | Sumé's Dance StudioWaldorf School PresentsAUDITIONS: A Streetcar Named Desire | DRACULA | CATA 2012 Winners!

Dear Members and Friends, 

The AGM has been and gone, and we have some new faces on the committee with fresh ideas and new approaches to some of our problems. The Committee is smaller this year, and will need lots of help. we hope we can count on you for support.

We have already had 2 HHDS productions which have helped improve our financial position, and we are now into a "hire" period, with Bryan Miles coming in to do 2 shows, followed by the Waldorf School with 2 plays and then Sume's Dance Studio with one of her fabulous dance shows.  We will need front of house staff for all these productions. 

Bettina has offered to assist us with FRONT OF HOUSE by reviving the spreadsheet she developed whilst she was front of house Manager. Those of you on email will receive this shortly if you haven't already.  Please fill in dates you would like to volunteer your services and return. For those members not on email, we will continue to phone, so you wont be left out.
We have a very full schedule this year, so will need all the help we can get.

Our next HHDS production is Dracula, which is in rehearsal, and I believe is going well.

We are busy negotiating a deal to get the green Room floor re-done and if all goes as planned this will be done before end of May.
Regards and Happy Easter,

Lindsay S.
still Chairman!


Congratulations to Kelly and Marius Westraad on the birth of their Son Matthew James!



New Committee Announced!

A huge congratulations to the newly nominated panel of Directors for 2013:
  • Chairman: Lindsay Small
  • Secretary & Acting Treasurer: Ann Coetzee
  • Marketing Director: Clyde Philips
  • Production: Darryl Spijkers
  • Membership: Lizelle Gouws
  • Costume Hire: Noel Pitout
We wish them all the best for the year ahead and look forward to the many exciting new events happening for us the members as well as all the planned productions ahead!

You may find their contact details below :)

Members Evening
Big announcement not to be missed!!


Show Dates:
  • Friday 26 April 2013 @ 7pm
  • All tickets R20 - or FREE for Members!
  • Live Music
  • Bring your friends!
  • Drinks and Snacks for sale!

Do you think you are in control of your own thoughts?
You are wrong.

Meet Bryan Miles – a performer who is trained in the art of thought deception. Bryan can seemingly influence and predict human behavior.
By using his skill set of magic, suggestion and psychology – he is able to theatrically manipulate your perception of the world.

His brand new one-man show “Your Thoughts Are Mine” showcases his unique talent and will help South Africans’ unlock the true potential of the human mind. Bryan’s amazing demonstrations of mind control will help open up the cracks in human perception. Bryan will take the audience on a spellbinding journey by reading their minds and predicting their thoughts. In one demonstration, an audience member will be put into a semi-hypnotic state and read Bryan’s mind!

“…I want people to leave my show having been inspired,
and at the same time, be blown away by the
astonishing miracles of the human mind.”

Your Thoughts Are Mine sees Bryan shed light on his unique talent; as well as his childhood journey which has taken him from Cape Town to Las Vegas.

This show is held in support of Rotary’s outreach work. Tickets available at Computicket.

Show Dates:
  • Friday & Saturday
  • 5 & 6 April 2013 @ 7:30pm for 8pm
  • All tickets R85 - Tickets at Computicket

Sumé's Dance Studio presents

The theme for Sumé's studio production was inspired by her dancers wish lists, dreams and ambitions and the way they all share the same passion for music, song and dance. Sumé's choice of music ranges from way back in the 50's to the latest hits.
Tickets to be bought at the booking office. 
Booking office will open Tues 23 April.  Times to be confirmed.

Show Dates:
  • 30 April - Opening Night
  • 1 May - Matinee @ 2.30pm (Darryl confirmed with Gail that this is ok)
  • 2 & 3 May - 7.30pm
  • 4 May - 2.30pm & 7.30pm
  • 6 May - standby date for show
  • 9 & 10 May - 7.30pm
  • 11 May - 2.30pm & 7.30pm

The Waldorf presents

Stellenbosch Waldorf School has more or less doubled in size in the last five years. This is largely due to the decision to develop its high school. This year the school has reached Class 12, and one of the main items on the curriculum at this stage is that the class prepare and perform a play together. Doing this is one of the highlights of the Waldorf curriculum and represents a grand culmination of a class’s life as an educational community. Here, of course, there is the added edge that this is the first time the school has done this – a pioneer situation! As pioneers this class have chosen to do not one, but TWO plays – not because they’re pioneers, but because two plays give everyone a chance to have a reasonably meaty part.
The plays are:
  • DANCING AT LUGHNASA by Brian Friel, and
  • THE PHYSICISTS by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
In his long career, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, originally Swiss and one of the leading dramatists in the post-war German-speaking world, has specialized in what might be called modern morality plays. In these he focuses upon the moral dilemmas of modern man, and the Physicists is no exception. Here the dilemma turns around the responsibility (or otherwise) scientists have for their potentially dangerous discoveries. As one character puts it: “Inspector, do you wish to arrest me because I strangled a nurse, or because I paved the way to the development of the atomic bomb?” Once something dangerous has been discovered, thought, theoretically formulated, can (or should) it be unthought? The play is Dürrenmatt’s quirky, surreal path towards answering this question.
Brian Friel, being an Irishman, is much more interested in telling stories, and Dancing at Lughnasa is the story of a family living in the village of Ballybeg on the north-west coast of Ireland in the 1930’s. They are no ordinary family, however, for the household consists of five sisters, a young boy (the “love-child” of one of the sisters), and a (former, as it turns out) priest, who is the elder brother of the family. They all exist in kind of transitional limbo – the cottage industries are dying, all the eligible bachelors have emigrated to America, and Father Jack, the elder brother, has been “sent home” from Africa. In the midst of all this is “Marconi”, a radio set, that provides both temptation and nostalgia for a life that is passing or may never happen. Meanwhile, the life of Jack’s African village and the events of the festival of Lughnasa in Ballybeg might not be so different as at first appears.
The dates are:
  • Mon. 15th: Lughnasa
  • Tue. 16th: Physicists
  • Wed. 17th: Lughnasa
  • Thu. 18th: Physicists
  • Fri. 19th: Lughnasa
          All at 7:30pm
  • Sat. 20th: Lughnasa 3:30pm and Physicists 7:30pm

AUDITIONS: A Streetcar Named Desire.

Carnivals of the Heart will present this award winning Tenessee Williams play in September 2013 at the Playhouse Theatre, Somerset West. The design of the show will be finalized depending on the cast found. The play will be directed by Darryl Spijkers. 

We need:
  • 13 actors
  • 6 principal dancers (possibly interchangeable for actors)
  • 3 singers
ACTORS: Must attempt a plain / standard accent as well as a rich American Southern state accent.
PREPARE: A monologue and / or movement piece showcasing your physical and dance ability.

You will be asked to read as well as be choreographed to move.
Please wear suitable clothing.

Book your slot between 1pm and 5pm on Sunday 12 May by emailing without delay. 


Directed by Philippe Pringiers

"Dracula" has been described by critics as a play for people that like their coffee strong. There is no mistake about this thriller being of the type that will shock the staunchest of playgoers who like thrilling plays. It deals with the supernatural and there is no awkward explanation at its conclusion. Playgoers will go away with the satisfaction of having had more thrills than ever before in their lives inside a theatre, for the great vampire play, "Dracula", is a real thriller that, speaking literally, has raised hair on millions of scalps since the date of its original production in England several years ago, where it has enjoyed a remarkable long run, to say nothing of an equally impressive run in the United States.

Photo is not an actual representation of final production.
Lucy Seward, daughter of the physician in charge of a sanatorium near London, is mysteriously anaemic. Doctor and professor Abraham Van Helsing, a specialist in obscure diseases, suspects a vampire which, according to legend, is an ugly soul that, grave-bound by day, roams the earth at night, and sustains its earthly life by sucking the blood of approachable victims. Instituting a search, Van Helsing uncovers Count Dracula as such a vampire and, finding the grave, drives a stake through the heart of the corpse from which he comes, thus ending the vampire's existence. Or not?

Show Dates:
  • Thursday 18 - 27 July 2013 @ 7:30pm for 8pm
  • Tickets will be available soon at Computicket
  • Tell your friends!
Press commentaries on early performances of ‘Dracula’:
  • “- treating of this weirs farce as a mystery, they send the customary shivers of apprehension streaming down the back and ‘Dracula’ holds the audience nervously expectant.” New York Times
  • “ An evening rich in horror.” New York Telegram
  • “Nothing more blithely blood-curdling “ New York Herald Tribune
  • “See it and creep.” New York Evening Post
  • “Should be seen by all who lover their marrows jolted” New York Sun

Herewith is the list of the CATA winners for 2012.
Jill Cooke Trophy for Artistic Contribution
Lynda Jennings - Special Effects for Calendar Girls - Claremont Dramatic Society
Estelle Knott Craig Shield for Technical Excellence
Glynn Fogell - Sound design and effects - Shout The Mod Musical - Pinelands Players
Dolores Spijkers Cup for Costumes(New Category and Trophy)
Christelle Kotze for Fiela's Child - Carnivals of the Heart
Harry Hargreaves Cup for Best Set
Fanie Fourie for Fielas Child - Carnivals of the Heart
Fiona Chisholm Cup for Cameo Performance in Play or Musical
Nigel Sweet in Marvins Room - Claremont Dramatic Society
Imps Shield for Promising Newcomer
James Strong in Marvins Room - Claremont Dramatic Society
Best Junior in Play or Musical(New Category)
Martine Kawalsky in Shout The Mod Musical - Pinelands Players
Supporting Actress in Play or Musical
Play - Ruth Allsopp in Marvins Room - Claremont Dramatic Society
Musical - Sian Atterbury in Yeoman of The Guard - Cape Town G & S Society
Richard Farmer Cup for Supporting Actor in Play 
James Strong in Marvins Room - Claremont Dramatic Society
Tony Stiglingh Cup for Supporting Actor in a Musical(New Trophy)
No Award
Doris Tansley Cup for Best Actress in a Play
Fiona Tanner - A Christmas Carol - More or Less - Milnerton Players
Walter Swanson Trophy for Best Actress in a Musical
Joint winners :-
Martinne Kawalsky - Shout! The Mod Musical - Pinelands Players
Melissa Sanderson - Shout The Mod Musical - Pinelands Players
Laura Bosman -       Shout! The Mod Musical - Pinelands Players
Jennifer Moss -        Shout! The Mod Musical - Pinelands Players
Luella Holland -        Shout! The Mod Musical  -Pinelands Players
Geoffrey Tansley Cup for Best Actor in a Play
Dean Howarth - The Breakfast Club - Muizenberg Dramatic Society
Downey Cup for Best Actor in a Musical
Graham Boxall - Yeoman of the Guard - Cape Town G & S Society
Bertie Stern Cup for Best Director
Brenda Gray - Marvins Room - Claremont Dramatic Society
Sol Rodsell Cup for Best Play
Coleen van Staden - Season Greetings - Muizenberg Dramatic Society
Best Musical Director
Alastair Cockburn - Yeoman of the Guard - Cape Town G & S Society
Joseph Manca Cup for Best Director of a Musical
Garth Tavares - Shout! The Mod Musical - Pinelands Players
Marcia Lawton Cup for Best Musical
Garth Tavares - Shout! The Mod Musical - Pinelands Players
Certificates of Excellence
Name For Production Society
Raymond Rudolph Creative Staging The Breakfast Club 3 Muizenberg Dramatic Society
Bryoni Currin & Brendan Mourratts Mimes Le Moulin Rouge Carnivals of the Heart
Darryl Spijkers Egyptian Scene Le Moulin Rouge Carnivals of the Heart
June Edwards Puppets & Puppet Theatre Design & Creation Season's Greetings Muizenberg Dramatic Society
The Chorus Ensemble The Yeomen of the Guard Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Ferdi Oosthuizen Male Solo - "Is Life a Boon?" The Yeomen of the Guard Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Graham Boxall Male Solo - "Oh! A Private Buffoon" The Yeomen of the Guard Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Graham Boxall & David Bolton Duet - "Hereupon We're Both Agreed" The Yeomen of the Guard Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Sian Atterbury, Adri Louw, Ferdi Oosthuizen & Stephan Le Roux Quartet - "Strange Adventure" The Yeomen of the Guard Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Liesl Hartje, Lara Milne, Ferdi Oosthuizen & Graham Boxall Quartet - "When a Wooer Goes a-wooing" The Yeomen of the Guard Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Liesl Hartje Female Solo "Tis Done! I am a Bride" The Yeomen of the Guard Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society
The Chorus Single Ensemble "A Prisoner Comes" The Yeomen of the Guard Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Daryn José Original Work (Script) Ginger Beer Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society
Clifford Graham & Gary Green Ensemble Duo (The 'other' Odd Couple) Support Actors The Odd Couple Claremont Dramatic Society
Chenara Fenton Female Solo "Second Hand White Baby Grand" The Grand Opening Pinelands Players
Angela Lee-Wright Tyson the Panda Aladdin the Panto Constantiaberg Theatre Players
Samantha Jane Tunnah As Allison Reynolds The Breakfast Club Muizenberg Dramatic Society
Fanie Fourie For Set Design Fiela's Child Carnivals of the Heart
Wayne Hendricks For Direction The Bus Milnerton Players
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Lindsay Small 021 809 1191,
076 314 8968, 021 855 3779
Secretary & Acting Treasurer:
Ann Coetzee 082 678 9077
Clyde Phillips 082 770 3905
Darryl Spijkers 072 384 1953
Costume hire:
Noel Pitout 076 577 9338
Lights & Sound:
Ramsey Lotter 082 720 4828
Lizelle Gouws 076 212 3216
Front of House Manager & Bar:
Lindsay Small
see chairman for contact details
Theatre Manager:
Lindsay Small
see chairman for contact details

Bryan Miles The Magician
5 April – 6 April
Waldorf School 15 April – 19 April
Sume’s dance Studio 30 April – 11 May
Guitar Kids 20 May – 21 May
Alice Mennen Dance demo 24 May – 25 May
Boesman & Lena This is an English/Afrikaans production. 5 – 8 June.
Return from Oz Newbury House
16 June – 22 June

Bram Strokers Dracula Philippe Pringiers
18 July – 27 July

Balletopia 28 July – 17 Aug
International School 18 Aug – 31 Aug
Audition Notice: Who Did You Say You Were?
1 Sept 

Carnival of the Hearts 1 Sept – 22 Sept
Who Did You Say You Were? Giles Scott
21 Oct – 3 Nov

Annie 3 Nov – 8 Dec

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